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What we do

Zeemo is a full-service web design and creative marketing agency, your hub for strategic thinking, inspired creative and integrated marketing communications.


The mission is set: drive more awareness of, and leads to your business. Crafting a cohesive digital strategy that really speaks to your audience is the key. The strategy will include which content, channels and campaigns we need to activate, along with the ways we will track and measure them. The strategy will be tweaked along the way to ensure it remains relevant and continues to produce results.

Design & UX

We’ve been custom building websites since the beginning, so we understand what makes an exceptional user experience & how it can evolve. Audiences from all industries are keeping us on our toes as the technology changes and user habits continue to evolve. In the web design industry, we stay ahead of the game by testing our ideas, researching, studying and bettering our knowledge of the latest trends.


We work across multiple platforms for building websites. Which one is right for you depends on your audience, what you sell, how tech savvy your team is, security considerations & more. We spend time with you during our discovery phase to understand your industry, business goals and audience to ensure the architecture, design and ease of use of the CMS all hit the mark.

Digital Marketing

Having a website that gels with your audience is the first step, helping users discover it is the next challenge. The benefits of marketing your business to an online audience include speed to market, the ability to target specific audiences, instantly adapt communications, the ability to have two-way communication and most importantly the results can be measured in real-time.

Why we do it

We want to deliver a fresh perspective on the way you do marketing. Why? More often than not, when you’re working in it every day, it’s hard to see where improvements can be made. What’s more, you can’t be an expert in everything.

We want to stay small but deliver big. Our Directors are very hands-on. There’s no sales team here. By getting to know you we can provide a personalised experience and tailored solutions that deliver.

This is how

Collaborative Approach
Collaborative Approach

We love a good brainstorming session and sharing of the minds.

  1. We are big believers in keeping it simple. Not everything needs to sound like rocket science.
  2. We only take on projects that our Directors can be personally involved in.
  3. We’ve brought together a diverse team, whose wide-ranging talents mean you get a great wealth of knowledge and experience in one place.
  4. The stakeholders involved and the deliverables are different for each project, so rather than follow one process we tailor it to your specific needs.
Focus on Longevity
Focus on Longevity

Digital, especially, is a fast-paced industry where things can change almost overnight.

  1. We take a long-term view when planning strategies.
  2. We update our skillset to keep up with the changing digital world.
  3. We take pride in partnering with our clients through thick and thin, a lot of them have been with us for over 15 years!
Our Solutions
web design, development and digital solutions

We are constantly researching, testing and evolving because today’s best practices might not be tomorrow’s.

  1. Everything we do for you is customised. If you want a template, our digital agency is not the right fit for you.
  2. Our solutions are flexible so that you can grow and change without having to go back to square one.
  3. Whilst our web design company is marketing focussed, we also look at the bigger picture and provide more general business advice where we see an opportunity.


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