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We use our integrated digital marketing expertise to reach out and meaningfully communicate your brand's unique value to others.


We amplify & broadcast your brand’s voice to get you heard above the noise

In today's competitive marketplace, customers expect and are more likely to trust a company with a clear digital footprint and a consistent brand message they have encountered on at least two marketing channels.

Zeemo is a results-driven digital marketing agency based in Melbourne. Our full-time in-house marketing team has over two decades of honed expertise in what works for attracting and activating audiences of all types across a range of industries.

Many cogs need to mesh for consistently effective digital marketing. Websites must be reliable and easily found on search engines and then engage instantly to inspire user confidence to answer your call to action.   

If you are looking for a reputable digital marketing company that specialises in web design, traffic, conversion, and analytics to help sustainably and measurably grow your business, Zeemo does it all.

Multi-channel strategic digital marketing

Digital Strategy

We combine a multi-channel strategic digital marketing mix to promote a consistent message and convert visitors into customers.

Improve organic traffic to your website through seo


We improve the quality and quantity of organic unpaid traffic to your website through enhanced natural search engine ranking.

Qualified traffic by pay per click advertising

PPC & Google Ads

We drive qualified traffic to your website using strategic paid search engine advertising unique to your audience needs and business goals.

Cost-effective social media paid advertising

Social Media Advertising

We leverage social networking services for cost-effective targeted engagement opportunities to build your audience.

Brand messaging and increasing sales with emails

Email Marketing

We connect with your audience's interests, promoting your brand messaging and increasing sales with emails that get opened.

Interesting content to attract target markets

Content Marketing

We create valuable, relevant, and interesting content to attract and interact meaningfully with your target markets.


Notable Projects

Here is a small sample of recent digital marketing success from our extensive portfolio.

Why Zeemo

Your Dedicated Digital Marketing Partner

Zeemo has been in the digital marketing business since internet advertising was in its infancy, creating strategies that measurably grow paid and earned market share and helping our clients stand out and apart from their competition.

Zeemo in-house creative digital marketing experts

In-House Team

We pride ourselves on our core crew of exceptional in-house creative digital marketing experts.

Results focused approach for your business

Results Focused

We monitor and deliver on the metrics that matter to your business and stakeholders.

Zeemo designing a holistic digital strategy

Collaborative Approach

We partner with you, designing a holistic digital strategy tailored to your audience, industry & outcomes.

Multi-channel approach with powerful brand messaging

Integrated Campaigns

Our multi-channel approach with powerful brand messaging converts visitors into customers.

Digital marketing campaigns budget strategy building

Fixed Price

We work within your digital marketing budget building strategic campaigns to deliver strong returns.

End-to-end digital marketing services in Melbourne

Full Service

Zeemo offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end digital marketing services in Melbourne.


Digital marketing strategies and analytics

A+B Testing & Analytics

To understand, hone, and continually improve the success of the digital marketing strategies we employ on behalf of our clients, Zeemo undertakes a range of data-driven initiatives and continuously monitors our results.

By analysing the digital breadcrumbs your visitors leave behind, we can measure the impact of the different online marketing campaigns we deploy to see what worked (or didn't work) to meet the objectives you tasked us to achieve.

We use these digital marketing analytics data points to make informed decisions and determine which channels and strategies are operating at peak efficiency to get the best returns from your digital marketing budget.

Original Creative Content

In the never-ending battle for audience attention and to reign supreme atop the keyword leaderboard in search engine rankings, original creative content is the most critical weapon in your digital marketing arsenal.

Today's discerning consumers can spot a stock photo or design template a mile away. Using plagiarised copy can lead to serious consequences, including being permanently removed from keyword results in search engines.

Zeemo's in-house Melbourne digital marketing and creative team work together to produce wholly original visual and written content not only to attract your target market but keep your site performing on Google and other search engines.

Original visual and written content by Zeemo


Asked & Answered

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What is digital marketing?

While in the past, businesses relied on traditional marketing channels such as print media, radio, television, flyers and billboards to build brand awareness, digital marketing uses online channels to reach your audience.

These can include advertising your products or services via social media, email or blogs or encouraging consumers to visit your website through targeted keyword searches relating to what you offer.

Is email marketing still effective?

Yes! Email is still a powerful and cost-effective way for businesses to communicate with customers directly.

A well-crafted, considerate and meaningful email marketing campaign can connect with your fans in a more personal and timely way than a public post ever could.

While not every email you send gets opened, you are still building brand awareness and showing your audience you are actively reaching out by periodically turning up in their inbox. So they'll know exactly where to find you when they next need you.

Does my company really need a blog?

Yes! Regardless of your industry, we recommend having a blog. Blogs are highly and easily sharable, especially if they contain valuable information or are entertaining to your target audience.

By cultivating a blog, you increase credibility and help your business stand apart from the competition as an influential industry thought leader.

Finally, your blog will also provide fresh, keyword-rich original content to your site on a semi-regular basis, which search engines favour highly, resulting in them sending more traffic your way.

Which of the social media platforms should my business be using?

Your social media advertising strategy will depend on the target audience you are looking to attract and how you might best engage them.

The Big 5 social media platforms (in order of active users) are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you have a broad market that spans several demographics, you'll likely need a multi-channel social media strategy. However, if you have a highly defined customer avatar, you may be able to concentrate on just one if that is where they are most likely to be found.

For example, a major electronics retailer might advertise an upcoming sale on Facebook and Instagram, handle customer feedback and support via Twitter and post job vacancies on LinkedIn.

In contrast, a small surfboard wax brand might focus all its social media efforts on producing a weekly surf vlog for YouTube, knowing that it is the platform of choice for their base clientele of young males aged 16-25.


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