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Let us build your brand & generate sales with irresistible emails that get opened & campaigns that convert.


Crafting responsive email campaigns catered to your customers

Despite the growth & hype around social media, mobile messengers & chat apps, email is still an integral part of daily online life. As of 2020, four billion global email users were sending & receiving approximately 306 billion emails every day; these figures are growing at a rate of 3% per year [source:]. As such, every business needs an effective email marketing strategy, but to be heard above all that noise, your emails also need to be exceptional; on both fronts, Zeemo can help.

Cost-effective, goal-orientated Electronic Direct Mail marketing campaigns

Strategic. Zeemo plan cost-effective, goal-orientated Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing campaigns that align with your integrated marketing strategy.

Connect with B2B or B2C customers by e-communications

Tailored. Whether B2B or B2C, we craft of-interest e-communications that keep you connected with customers, build brand awareness & promote sales opportunities.

Email marketing agency Melbourne

Independent. We aren’t locked to any one email marketing platform; we can work you’re your existing platform or help you choose the best service based on your needs.

Custom design adaptive & responsive email templates & content

Personalised. We custom design original adaptive & responsive email templates & content for consistent, cohesive brand recognition & optimal click-through.

Engage your audience with email automation

Automated. Email automation lets you set up a welcome series to nurture leads, delivers newsletters & nudge an abandoned cart so you never miss an engagement opportunity.

Improve your email campaign performance by A+B testing

Illuminating. Gain valuable insights with A+B testing and intuitive real-time reporting to understand and improve your email campaign performance.

Notable Projects

Here are examples of client results achieved through Zeemo’s email marketing services.

Fully managed email marketing campaigns by Zeemo experts

Email Experts

Zeemo can act as an extension of your team, providing fully managed email marketing campaigns & freeing up valuable internal resources. Our experienced campaign managers, email designers & content writers produce stunning high click-through emails that build your brand & generate sales. We have a wealth of experience developing campaigns from concept to launch across a wide range of industries.

We plan strategically, research content ideas methodically & design creatively, building custom, responsive email templates with on-brand images & compelling Calls To Action (CTAs). Through A/B testing, we hone subject lines & email designs, sending out only the most enticing for measurable engagement you can monitor.

Automation Aficionados

In a survey of hundreds of brands, ESP Litmus found that for every $1 a brand invests in email marketing, they receive a staggering $42 in return. That's a higher ROI than can be expected from any other form of marketing — digital or otherwise. Much of that success is thanks to integration & automation.

Zeemo can implement a marketing automation strategy that brings your CRM, email marketing & sales pipelines into a single database.

Automated workflows can be scaled for growth & you'll never miss an opportunity with our highly segmented campaigns triggered when users engage with your website, at cart abandonment, on social media posts & in response to sales data to maximise conversion & customer retention.

Implement a marketing automation strategy

Why Zeemo

Designing emails busy people take time to open

Zeemo is a trusted Email Marketing Agency Melbourne businesses turn to for hassle-free EDM campaigns & automation. We make beautiful custom templates tailored to capture your brand’s identity & customer’s interest. With 20+ years of experience working across multiple industries, from local brands to large multinationals, we know how to create newsletter campaigns & e-correspondence that entertains, informs & transforms leads into loyal customers.

Optimised your copy for reading on mobile devices

Mobile Friendly

We ensure your copy is optimised for reading on mobile devices so it doesn't fall prey to the TL:DR (Too Long : Didn’t Read) effect.

Popular email marketing platforms for EDM campaigns

Popular Platforms

We work with popular email marketing platforms to manage lists & deliver ad-hoc & automated EDM campaigns.

Design, build, deploy fully managed email services

Fully Managed

With the most basic brief, our email marketing expert team can design, build, deploy & measure a wide range of custom email services.

Integrate powerful email marketing software with your website forms & CRM

Smart Automation

We seamlessly integrate powerful email marketing software with your website forms & CRM for easy, timely & tailored automation.

Experts in email database segmentation

List Management

We’re experts in email database segmentation for personalised one-to-one marketing to build real & relevant customer connections.

Creative marketing agency Melbourne

Content Focused

As a creative marketing agency, we pride ourselves on crafting inspired content that is inviting, exciting & jumps out in a crowded inbox.


Asked & Answered

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What are the top 10 benefits of Email Marketing?

A well-executed email marketing strategy will deliver many benefits for your business, such as:

  1. Targeting & personalising relevant content by customer segmentation.
  2. Building connection & credibility for stronger customer relationships.
  3. Improving your brand recognition.
  4. Boosting sales through direct offers.
  5. Optimising your time & budget with automation.
  6. Learning what interests & activated your customers through email performance metrics.
  7. Increasing traffic to your website.
  8. Sharing interesting & insightful content through email newsletters can establish you as an industry authority.
  9. Helping to build awareness & excitement ahead of an event, sale, product launch, etc.
  10. Reminding customers of your existence - While not every email gets opened, by turning up periodically in an inbox, you stay top of mind so customers will return to your brand when they next need your products or services.

What role does email play in an integrated marketing strategy?

In short, emails play a very important role in any integrated marketing strategy. Unlike most digital marketing methods that leave connecting with customers almost up to chance, email marketing is different.

That is because the people on your email list are there because they have chosen to be; they love your brand & want to hear from you. If they didn't, they would not have given you a direct line of communication to their inbox.

By integrating EDM campaigns with other channels such as one-click social sharing, sneak-peak exclusive landing pages, or click-through-to-cart coupons, you can make the most of your relationship with every subscriber.

Do you help set up my email marketing account?

Yes, we will help you choose an Email Service Provider (ESPs) such as MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, etc to host your email audience list. Zeemo can integrate your CRM & Website forms with your ESP & create custom email templates, maintain & segment your list, create workflow automation & set up campaign testing & reporting.

What is audience segmentation?

Segmentation is the splitting of email subscribers into groups based on set criteria. By dividing a mailing list into audience characteristics such as geographic location, interests & purchase history, you can send more relevant, personalised content to significantly increase the likelihood your audience will engage with it.

How often should I send an email newsletter to my customers?

Your consumers have signed up because they want to receive your newsletter, so it's important to give them what they want. Email newsletters should be sent out at least once a month to reinforce brand awareness and remain top of mind with your audience.

How much does email marketing cost?

Most email platforms charge a sliding scale based on the number of subscribers you have on your list. Zeemo will provide a quote for EDM management based on the type & frequency of emails, campaigns & newsletters you want us to deliver.

Can you design email templates & write the copy?

Yes, Zeemo is a full-service EDM Campaign Agency; our Melbourne in-house creative team includes professional copywriters, graphic designers & photographers who can work with you to produce high conversion content & adaptable email templates that perfectly portray your brand.

Does Zeemo manage email replies on my behalf?

No, while we can do most of the elements of an email marketing campaign when it comes to responding & engaging directly with your audience, you will need to appoint an in-house staff member to communicate on behalf of your brand.

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