Stock images are so passé; elevate your brand with original photography that truly reflects who you are & what you do.


Personalised photography that puts you beyond compare

Zeemo is a boutique, full-service creative digital agency in Melbourne offering in-house commercial photography services. Whether in our creative content studio or on-site at your location, our resident photographer will snap stunning images that are clean, clear & perfectly showcase your business. With original photographic content, you'll impress your customers & set yourself apart from the competition.

Services we offer

Professional & polished photography

Corporate Imagery

  • Headshots & portraits
  • Team & group photos
  • Service / customer interaction shots
  • Building interiors / exteriors
  • In-field & on-site photography

Product Photography

  • Lightbox photography
  • In-situ photography
  • Packaging shots
  • Multi-angle & parts
  • Macro / close-up photography

Marketing Imagery

  • Photos for blogs, eNewsletters & email campaigns
  • Print advertising
  • Editorial images
  • Social media photography
  • Catalogue photography

Website Photography

  • Banners & background images
  • eCommerce photography
  • Branding imagery
  • Visual communication
  • Location photography

Notable Projects

Some recent photographic assignments from our portfolio.

Photography to tell stories, evoke emotion, inform & give meaning

Storytelling Power

Countless studies show just how narrow & fleeting the window of engagement is when a prospect turns up on our digital doorstep. Most data indicates you have less than 10 seconds to convey your value proposition clearly.

A skilled writer needs several paragraphs to describe what the highly visual human brain can grasp in an instant from a single still image. The enduring power of photography to tell stories, evoke emotion, inform & give meaning makes it an essential communication tool in our fast-paced, attention diverting, digital world.

Consumer Catalyst

Photos not only make an impactful first impression on websites, but digital storytelling on social media platforms & in blogs is also now part of our daily lives. With the growth of visual content marketing, digital marketing experts estimate that in 2021 the average person encounters between 6,000 to 10,000 ad images every day. It is hardly any wonder, given online posts containing images produce 650% higher engagement than text-only posts.

Perhaps the most compelling consumer case for original photography is eCommerce, with shoppers 85% more likely to buy a product if they have been able to view high-resolution images of it taken from multiple angles.

High-resolution images make an impactful impression on websites

Why Zeemo

Authenticity In Imagery

Our creative team work out of our original content & photographic design studio in Melbourne's southeast. We have been in the commercial photography business since 2002, delivering countless unique & creative visual assets for companies across multiple industries, from local brands to large multinationals. Our professional photographers have extensive experience designing all types of photography for both digital & offline branding.

High-quality original commercial photos

100% Original

We take high-quality original commercial photos of your people & products, so you can rest assured your visual content is one of a kind.

Original product photography

Full Ownership

The original photographic content we produce for you is yours; you own the copyright outright & can use it wherever you like.

Mobile friendly product and website photography

Mobile Friendly

We ensure your photos are optimised for viewing on devices, so they display perfectly whether viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Shooting thoughtful photographic content

Quality Content

As a creative agency, we take pride in shooting thoughtful photographic content that is inviting, exciting & of interest to your audience.

Photography for high-conversion marketing collateral

Marketing Focused

Our photographers work directly with our marketing strategists to provide images for high-conversion marketing collateral.

Developing your brand identity & visual style


By developing your brand identity & visual style guides, we ensure a consistent look & feel across all your photographic content.


Asked & Answered

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Why choose a digital agency over a freelance photographer?

Zeemo is a full-service creative digital agency providing web & corporate photographic services in Melbourne to capture the imagery that reflects your brand for your website, blog, marketing, social media & other visual content. When you choose Zeemo, you get not only professional workplace photography but a whole team of creative talent, including copywriters, graphic designers, web developers & marketing strategists. So instead of just delivering images, we can create a full suite of finished branded assets & put them straight to work for you.

What is commercial photography & what does it cover?

Commercial photography is the art & process of capturing the people, places, activities, services & products in still images that effectively communicate the essence of your brand. Commercial photographers can take corporate headshots, event photos, product photos & other images for use on printed materials like business cards, brochures, posters, signs, greeting cards, postcards, billboards & ads. Digital photography is used on websites, online ads, virtual brochures, social media, email marketing, presentations, & more.

How much does it cost to hire a commercial photographer?

How much you pay for a skilled digital photographer will vary depending on the type of projects you need photographic content for but let's just say it's ‘worth a thousand words'. We embed photographic services into our Web Design & offer tailored EDM template & blog photography if you have engaged us to provide these services. Tell us what you are after & we'll happily give you a quote.

Who is the owner of the copyright when a project is over?

If we have created original content for you, it's yours. However, we do like to showcase our handiwork, so (with your permission) we may include snapshots of your project in the case studies section of our website to show others what we are capable of creating.

Where are you located?

Our creative agency Melbourne office is in Narre Warren. However, we provide professional commercial photography services for our clients in metro Melbourne. If you can’t get into our photo studio, we can come to take photos on-site at your chosen location & have many options available for reviewing proofs remotely.


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