We help your business stand out & apart with a clearly defined brand strategy that aligns your values with your vision.


Creating logos that linger & brand experiences that endure

Zeemo is a boutique, full-service branding agency in Melbourne. Our brand strategy team works alongside our creative design & marketing experts to realise your unique brand identity development & deployment roadmap.

Zeemo crafts an effective, goal-orientated brand strategy for you and business

Strategic. Seasoned in brand development, Zeemo researches you & your audience to craft an effective, goal-orientated brand strategy.

Create custom-designed original logos, marketing & media assets

Unique. We create custom-designed original logos, marketing & media assets that communicate who you are & why you’re wonderful.

Position your unique brand in a fiercely competitive commercial marketplace

Compelling. We know how to position your unique brand to stand out and be noticed in a fiercely competitive commercial marketplace.

Establish brand story, identity, voice & visual style

Consistent. We establish brand story, identity, voice & visual style guides to ensure you have consistent, cohesive brand recognition.

Zeemo creates a distinctive visual language for your brand

Accessible. From logo design to fonts, graphic elements, to colour palettes, we create a distinctive yet approachable visual language for your brand.

Notable Projects

Some recent brand identity design projects from our extensive portfolio.

Well-designed brand identity strategy agency Melbourne

An identity with integrity

Your brand identity is integral in establishing a lasting & genuine emotional connection with your target audience. Just as your business is the sum of many parts, so too is the profile of your brand. A well-designed brand identity strategy flows from your name to logo, colour themes to voice & visual language, making you instantly recognisable & differentiated from your competitors. By establishing a brand with a personality that is authentic to your intrinsic character, your customers aren't simply buying what you offer; they are buying into who you are & building the bonds that lead to loyalty.

Developing an exceptional brand identity takes time & patience but ultimately turns every touchpoint & transaction into an opportunity to earn trust, which is worth its weight in gold.

A position with a mission

It isn't enough to come up with a catchy name & snazzy logo; to gain a loyal following, your beautifully developed brand needs to be seen in all the right places by the right people. Whether positioning a new brand or rebranding to reach a new market, unless you have a bottomless marketing budget, you need to start smart & make the most of every impression.

Having an experienced brand strategist identify who your target audience is, what they like & where they hang out means you won't miss an opportunity to get your brand before them. Your branding expert will also undertake competitor analysis & industry research to discover your unique value proposition to help you carve out your niche, plant your brand seed & grow.

Branding Agency Melbourne plants your brand seed & grow

Why Zeemo

For Outstanding Branding

We are a brand strategy agency Melbourne businesses turn to for end-to-end brand development & marketing services. Since 2002, our experienced branding consultants have grown nascent brands to thriving, trusted market leaders & turned around struggling businesses with transformational rebranding.

Zeemo is your one stop branding & marketing agency in Melbourne

Full Service

We are a branding & marketing agency that does it all. Zeemo can develop your brand, build your website & promote your business through integrated marketing.

Professional branding & marketing strategists

In-house Team

Our talent pool is deep with branding & marketing strategists, professional copywriters, graphic designers, photographers, web designers & developers.

Long term focused strategy for growth and success of your business

Long-term Focus

We become wiser with every brand we work with, applying our learning to inform and improve for the future growth and success of your business.

Zeemo has expertise to working with businesses across industries

Industry Insight

The team at Zeemo have over 20+ years working with businesses across many industries, from local brands, large multinationals to government agencies.

Develop your brand identity and visual style across branded communications

Consistent Messaging

We develop your brand identity and visual style guides to ensure a consistent and cohesive look & feel across all your branded communications.

Analyse branding & marketing activities to delivering a healthy ROI

Measurable Results

We audit & analyse all branding & marketing activities to ensure your brand rollout is gaining traction & delivering a healthy return on your investment.


Asked & Answered

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What does a branding agency do?

A branding agency is responsible for developing & conveying your brand identity & brand story in a compelling way. They also ensure consumers experience your company consistently wherever they encounter your branding. Zeemo is a full-service creative agency providing a complete suite of branding services. When you choose Zeemo, you not only get professional brand specialists but a whole team of creative talent, including copywriters, photographers, web developers & marketing strategists. So instead of just delivering logos, we can create a full suite of branded assets & put them straight to work for you.

What branding services do you offer?

Branding services we can offer you:

  • Business name concepts
  • Logo design or redesign
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Stationery – business cards & letterheads
  • Traditional marketing material – brochures, print ads, presentations
  • Style guides
  • Online marketing – Social media advertising, email marketing templates & email signatures
  • Brand launch plans & functions
What is brand identity?

Brand identity is the collective sum of all elements that a company creates to portray the desired image to its consumer and includes your name, logo, colours, themes, etc. Your brand identity makes you instantly recognisable to your customers.

What is a brand story?

A brand story is a consolidated & easily articulated narrative that draws together the factual background of how your brand came to exist with the feelings, experiences & value your brand has created in others. Your brand story should inspire an emotional reaction to forge a connection between your business & your customers, build loyalty & determine how your customers will perceive & what they will say about your brand to others.

How much does a brand agency cost?

Without knowing the scope of deliverables for a branding (or rebranding) project, it is impossible to say with any accuracy what it would cost. We would need to provide a quote tailored to your needs & budget. In the meantime, we encourage the view that branding is a worthy investment rather than an intangible expense as it helps differentiate your business in increasingly saturated markets. The ROI from Zeemo's professional & consistent branding services extends beyond the balance sheet to increased client loyalty & trust.

What are some benefits of professional branding?

Skilful brand design conveys a message of quality & consideration, establishing your brand as one that operates to a higher standard. Well-considered branding distinguishes your business from the millions of others, making it easily recognisable in a crowded marketplace. Proper branding research makes it possible to position your brand for the correct target market with messaging & visual direction that appeals to your audience. Professional branding clarifies who you are & helps explain your offering making you more accessible to your customers.

Where are you located?

Our branding agency Melbourne office is in Narre Warren. However, we provide professional brand strategy services for businesses across Victoria & Australia.

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