Creating a unique, professional and consistent image

Creating a unique, professional and consistent image 

It’s the first thing a new customer sees when they connect with you. It appears on your office door, business cards, letterheads, presentations, and marketing communications.

You want your brand promotion to exude reliability, credibility and trustworthiness. What message are you sending your customers when you try to promote your company as the provider of a high quality product/service and yet your brand doesn’t support that image?

professional and consistent image

Your competitive advantage

Your brand’s competitive advantage is determined by your ability to seamlessly integrate your entire marketing effort. It’s making sure your marketing communications work together as a unified force, presented in a similar tone and style to reinforce your brand, rather than in isolation.

By using a combination of Zeemo’s services in planning, graphic design, content writing and photography we will ensure that your brand is presented in the best light, every time it’s seen.

competitive advantage

Delivering a variety of branding solutions

Zeemo can assist you with all aspects of business branding, whether it be as simple as updating your logo or as in-depth as coming up with a new company name and launch plan. Here’s some of the business branding services we can offer you:

  • Business name concepts
  • Logo design or redesign
  • Brand guidelines
  • Website design
  • Stationery – business cards and letterheads
  • Traditional marketing material – brochures, presentations
  • Online marketing – email marketing templates, email signatures and social networking
  • Brand launch plans and functions
Brand DevelopmentBrand Development

Marketing planning/strategies

In addition to our branding services we also offer marketing planning for those businesses who need an in-depth, independent review of their marketing efforts.

It can be difficult to identify areas for improvement when you work so closely with your product/service. An independent review will help you to make the required changes to attract new customers and retain your current ones. If continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get the same results.

Marketing strategies
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