Digital Strategy

Our comprehensive digital strategies position brands to excel in competitive industries through data-driven research, conceptualisation and measurable execution.


Devising a roadmap for how digital technologies and traditional advertising form your unique integrated marketing strategy.

Your digital marketing strategy is the overarching plan that supports your business objectives by outlining your specific marketing goals and providing clear brand direction. It will guide where to focus your marketing efforts and budget, in the short and long-term. Using a data-driven approach a detailed marketing plan is then devised that contains how you will get there – which media and when.

The result? With clear, consistent and compelling communications delivered across the right mix of digital & traditional media channels, Zeemo will find & captivate your fans, to deliver quality leads to your business.

Express your distinctive brand identity

We Discover As seasoned branding professionals, Zeemo will help you to establish & express your distinctive brand identity and choose the best channels for your integrated marketing strategy. We define specific buyer personas, target audience by channel and set campaign goals.

Create marketing assets with your brand & campaigns

We Create Our experienced in-house team of copywriters, graphic designers & photographers create original adaptable marketing assets consistent with your brand & campaign messaging. From digital & print ads, flyers, brochures, pull up banners, radio & video scripts, social advertising posts, eNewsletters, billboards, to AdWords & more.

Integrated advertising communications across channels

We Broadcast We share your integrated advertising communications across traditional outbound marketing & inbound digital marketing channels. Our omnichannel advertising approach provides consistent, cohesive brand recognition while delivering your campaign message & encouraging your target audience into action.

Full-service marketing agency Melbourne

We Get Results Zeemo is a full-service marketing agency; we create exceptional content & have knowledgeable channel managers ready to deploy integrated marketing strategies that collect, nurture & convert leads. Whether boosting brand awareness, rebranding or selling a new product, we will track key metrics, A+B test & finesse to reach your goal.

Notable Projects

Here are some integrated marketing campaign examples from our portfolio.

Zeemo distributes your integrated marketing communications & content using a mix of marketing channels strategically chosen to reach a broad yet targeted audience with clear, consistent branded messaging. If one or more channels plateau, we’ll add, remove, or test new ones to ensure we reach your campaign goals.


Dedicated digital agency for managing day-to-day operations

Keeping It Together

There are numerous advantages to engaging Zeemo as your dedicated digital agency, not the least of which is having a trusted partner to undertake your business's marketing activities, freeing you to focus on managing day-to-day operations.

We can design, build & host your website & manage SEO & maintenance, content creation, digital, multichannel & omnichannel marketing, print & digital design, public relations & social media. We pride ourselves on consistently delivering measurable, successful results.

You have enough on your plate; let Zeemo manage these vital, time-consuming tasks for a fraction of the cost of hiring, training & managing an internal team. Our proven team of creative minds work confidently & collaboratively under one roof, bringing impressive energy, skill & enthusiasm to your project.

Making It Simple

It is well understood that being seen in all the right places with clear, consistent messaging builds credibility, but brand awareness is only as valuable as the business it brings you. Therefore it is essential for a successful integrated marketing strategy to include simple, seamless channel transitions that convert visitors into leads — and, eventually, customers.

When preparing to launch a new campaign, it is tempting to focus separately on each channel & its respective media assets, but this goes against the integrated marketing approach. Instead, you want to develop a cohesive campaign experience that overlaps to help your audience find their way to a page that converts them.

Examples of simple & effective overlaps include plugging your social media handles, website URL, or video links in your email signature; adding social sharing buttons to your blog & website; including links & offers in your social media bios & posts.

Integrated marketing strategy for lead generation

Why Zeemo

Our Marketing Team Means Business

Zeemo is a street-savvy integrated marketing agency in Melbourne; our team have been around the block a time or two. We know all the ins, outs & in-betweens of creating an effective omnichannel integrated advertising strategy, so sit back; we've got this.

Develop, build and promote your brand through marketing

Full Service

We are a creative agency that does it all. We develop, build and promote your brand through integrated marketing.

Media designed for brand engagement

Multiple Channels

We make targeted media designed for optimal brand engagement across traditional & digital marketing channels.

Creative marketing company Melbourne

In-house Team

Our professional copywriters, graphic designers & photographers work together to produce timely creative marketing assets.

Digital marketing channel management

Expert Management

We provide marketing channel management to ensure your campaigns roll out on time, as planned & gain traction.

Applying thoughts to improve your campaigns

Long-term Focus

We become wiser with every campaign we undertake, applying our learning to inform & improve for future campaigns.

Campaigns performance tracking and report

Track & Measure

We monitor & report on campaign traffic/reach, engagement, top/falling content, impact, sentiment, lead generation & sales.


Asked & Answered

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What is Integrated Marketing?

Introduced in the 1980s, integrated marketing communication (IMC) is a strategic process used by communicators & marketers. Carefully planned activities, messaging & interactive experiences for a product, service, or organisation are deployed across a mix of traditional & digital advertising channels. The aim is to ensure marketing communications are received & relevant to customers or targeted prospects & are consistent across channels & over time to build brand identity, awareness & trust.

Is there a difference between Multichannel & Omnichannel Marketing?

Yes, you will often see the terms 'multichannel' & 'omnichannel' in Integrated Marketing; on the surface, they may appear similar however they are different approaches. Multichannel marketing puts your brand at the centre of the strategy, communicating one static message via each marketing channel to spread that message to your targeted audience. It is fast to deploy & helps build brand awareness.

Omnichannel marketing puts your target customer at the centre of the strategy; each channel adapts & personalises around the customer's behaviour to send them the most relevant message. Omnichannel marketing is more complex to deploy. It generally requires a greater number of customisable marketing assets & uses at least three channels in an automated workflow, but ultimately leads to greater engagement, retention & customers who spend more with your brand.

Why do I need integrated marketing?

Firstly, there are more marketing channels than ever before & different channels are favoured by different people, to reach the broadest base you need to be seen in all the right places.

Secondly, integrated marketing strategies help pull all of your brand's message points together into one cohesive whole, ensuring that the message is consistent rather than disjointed & confusing. Because customers are bombarded with information, having a clear message, regardless of channel, is especially important for building brand recognition, trust & loyalty.


We Do It All

Unique graphic and digital design services

Graphic & Digital Design

Our graphic design, user interface & digital design team ensures a clear & unique visual language is maintained from your website, across digital marketing collateral, through to printed materials.

Design search-friendly websites in Melbourne

Web Design

We build unique search-friendly websites that blend user experience with brand storytelling, setting you apart from the competition & ready for online success.