Graphic & Digital Design

From ideation to creation to application, our in-house design team bring your brand imagery to life.


Inspired visual communication for captivating customers

Zeemo is a boutique, full-service creative digital agency in Melbourne. Our graphic design, user interface & digital design team delivers compelling on-brand messaging by collaborating directly with our marketing, web design & branding experts. This strategic, holistic design approach ensures clear & unique visual language is maintained from your website, across digital marketing collateral, to printed materials & packaging.

Services we offer

Wow-worthy creative design


  • Logo, font selection, typography, graphic elements, animations & colour palettes
  • Brand identity development
  • Visual style guides
  • Email signatures
  • Rebranding

UX / UI Design

  • Drop-down menus & form fields
  • Clickable elements, icons & animations
  • Button styling & icons
  • Wireframes
  • UX research

Website Graphics

  • Original graphic artwork & elements
  • Font selection & typesetting
  • Page layouts
  • Colour themes
  • Backgrounds, filters & effects

Digital Marketing

  • eNewsletters blog layouts & visuals
  • Social media banners, avatars & advertisements
  • EDMs
  • Graphics & layout for whitepapers, eBooks & presentations
  • Infographics


  • Signage design
  • Print collateral, brochures, flyers, thank you cards
  • Print advertisements
  • Business cards & stationery
  • Uniform & merchandise graphics

Notable Projects

Some recent graphic design work from our extensive portfolio.

Unique graphic and digital design services

Applied Creativity

When it comes to digital marketing & web design, there is a spectrum ranging from wildly innovative groundbreaking creativity through to bland utilitarian, practical functionality. For most brands, to form an identity at either far end is risky; too creative, you run the risk of overwhelming users into disengaging, but make it too functional & users can bounce out of boredom.

At Zeemo, we use a 'content-first' applied creativity approach to strike the right balance of aesthetic uniqueness & intuitive simplicity to create our conversion-driving websites & campaigns. By beginning with the end-user in mind, we let the messages & actions we want them to take guide functional design first. We then apply just enough eye-catching creative elements to communicate your brand's identity effectively & memorably without detracting from purpose.

Winning web design awards is great, but if a cutting-edge website loaded with never-seen-before bells & whistles isn't going to win you more business, then we can keep our creativity from running too wild.

Why Zeemo

Transforming Functional Design

Our creative team work from our original content & graphic design studio in Melbourne's southeast. We have been in the digital design business since 2002, delivering countless unique & creative assets for companies across multiple industries, from local brands to large multinationals. Our graphic designers have extensive experience designing all types of visual material for both digital & offline branding.

Creating 100% original website and email campaign for business

100% Original

Whether creating a website or email campaign, we don't use templates, so you can rest assured your graphic design is one of a kind.

Developing brand identity & visual style


By developing brand identity & visual style guides, we ensure a consistent & cohesive look & feel across all your branded content.

Mobile friendly graphics design company

Mobile Friendly

We ensure all your graphics are device optimised, so they display perfectly whether viewed on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Creative design agency to crafting content

Quality Content

As a creative design agency, we take pride in crafting inspired content that is inviting, exciting & of interest to your audience.

Marketing focused design to create high-conversion

Marketing Focused

Our graphic design team work directly with our marketing strategists to design high-conversion marketing collateral.

SEO minded graphic designing for the online experience

SEO Minded

Our design team understands that graphic designing for the online experience needs to be based on an SEO strategy as much as aesthetics.


Asked & Answered

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Why choose a digital agency over a freelance graphic designer?

Zeemo is a full-service creative agency providing graphic or digital designers in Melbourne to produce your brand, website, blog, marketing & other visual content. When you choose Zeemo, you get not only professional graphic designers but a whole team of creative talent, including copywriters, photographers, web developers, SEO specialists & marketing strategists. We discuss practical considerations to ensure designs are adaptable for use across all aspects of your project, platforms & marketing channels. So instead of just delivering logos, we can create a full suite of polished branded assets & put them straight to work for you.

What is graphic design & what does it cover?

Graphic design is the art & process of combining text & graphics in a way that is intended to communicate meaning or a specific message. You find graphic design used in company logos, printed materials like business cards, brochures, posters, signs, greeting cards, postcards, billboards & ads. Digital graphic design is used on websites, online ads, virtual brochures, social media, email marketing, presentations, & more.

How much does it cost to hire a graphic designer?

How much you pay for a skilled digital designer will vary depending on the type of projects you need graphic content for but let's just say it's ‘worth it' dollars. We embed graphic design as part of our Web Design Services & offer tailored EDM template & blog designs. Tell us what you are after & we'll happily give you a quote.

Who is the owner of the copyright when a project is over?

If we have created original content for you, it's yours. However, we do like to showcase our handiwork, so (with your permission) we may include snapshots of your project in the case studies section of our website to show others what we are capable of creating.

Where are you located?

Our graphic design agency Melbourne office is in Narre Warren. However, we provide professional digital design services for businesses across Victoria & Australia. If you can’t get into our creative content studio, we have many options available for reviewing material remotely.

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