Bunjil Place

Opened in October 2017, Bunjil Place is a crowning achievement by the City of Casey to bring a state of
the art entertainment precinct to Melbourne's south-east.

This unique facility comprises an outdoor community plaza, 800-seat theatre, gallery, multipurpose studio, function centre, library and the City of Casey Customer Service Centre.

The inspiration for the building's iconic architectural design comes from our First Nation's People's stories of Bunjil, a creator deity often depicted as a wedge-tailed eagle.

In just three short years, the award-winning Bunjil Place is making its name as a creativity and community hub showcasing world-class arts and entertainment.

Creative Collaboration

Bunjil Place engaged Zeemo for our digital marketing and creative expertise. Our agency provides Bunjil Place with a broad range of ongoing and flexible services throughout the year in support of their various programmes and activities.

Getting Graphic

Being predominately an arts and entertainment venue Bunjil Place has an ever-changing roster of exhibitions and performances they need to promote.

Zeemo produces original graphic designs and layout services from digital signage to function menus, as well as animations for the Bunjil Place Instagram.

With the onset of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Zeemo were put to task creating a full suite of facility safety materials, including Information Sheets, Covid-19 icons, posters and signage.

At the time of writing, Zeemo is providing creative assistance with Bunjil Place's #Artsinisolation and Art Echoes campaigns.

Artistic Advertising

Aside from our graphic and digital design work, the other main area Zeemo are providing continuing professional services to Bunjil Place is in advertising. Through both paid and organic online integrated marketing campaigns, as well as traditional print media advertisements, Zeemo helps promote their programs, shows and events to the general public and targeted audiences.

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