Our team of creative talent bring imagination, artistry & expertise to each project they collaborate on across our extensive agency services.


A creative content agency specialising in originality

High-quality content is how your business sets itself apart from your competitors, establishes your brand as a leader and shows your customers you know your stuff.

Zeemo is a creative digital agency Melbourne businesses can turn to for fresh, intelligent & effective images & words that show & tell meaningful messages.

Our full-time in-house content marketing & creative design team has over two decades of honed expertise in what works for attracting and activating audiences of all types across a range of industries.

Professional copyrighters create original SEO-friendly content

Content Writing

Our professional copyrighters create valuable, relevant, engaging and original SEO-friendly content to attract and communicate persuasively with your target audiences.

Experts for graphic design, user interface & digital design

Graphic & Digital Design

Our graphic design, user interface & digital design team ensures a clear & unique visual language is maintained from your website, across digital marketing collateral, to printed materials.

Define brand strategy & conveying your brand identity


Our branding team is responsible for developing a clearly defined brand strategy & conveying your brand identity & brand story in a compelling way that resonates with your audience.

Showcase your brand with original imagery


Authentically showcase your brand with original imagery. Our in-house photographer can take stunning team and premise shots along with service and product photography.


Notable Projects

Here is a small sample of our recent original creative content projects.

Why Zeemo

Your Creative Companion

Coming up with new & original creative content that grabs precious attention in the fast-paced, fiercely competitive marketing marketplace is an art form. Zeemo provides you with a seasoned team of content creators to bolt onto your business, allowing you to focus on day-to-day operations. At the same time, we keep up with the demands of ensuring you remain relevant & popular with not only your target audience but ever-changing SEO algorithms.

Professional copywriters, graphic designers & photographers

Full Service

Our professional copywriters, graphic designers & photographers work together to produce high conversion PPC ads & landing pages.

Content tailored to communicate your unique brand message

100% Original

We craft wholly original content tailored to communicate your unique brand message to your target audience.

Brand identity & visual style guides


We use brand identity & visual style guides to ensure a consistent, cohesive look and feel across all your communications.

Creative design agency in Melbourne

Quality Content

As a boutique creative design agency, we take pride in crafting inspired content that is inviting, exciting & interesting.

Marketing strategists to design high-conversion marketing collateral

Marketing Focused

Our creative team work directly with our marketing strategists to design high-conversion marketing collateral.

Content works effectively with your website SEO strategy

SEO Minded

Our team understands that content for the online experience needs to work effectively with your website SEO strategy.

Looking to take advantage of inbound content marketing

Content Marketing Delivers

Before the digital dawn, in the dark old days of traditional outbound marketing, brands had to cast their message out into a broad, undefined pool of potential customers, often at great expense, in the hope of landing a few fish.

Today over 77% of companies say they have a content marketing strategy and are looking to take advantage of inbound content marketing to deliver leads directly to their door.

Content marketing educates your target audience about your brand, expertise, and products or services through carefully curated relevant & sharable written, downloadable, and visual media.

With a well-executed content marketing strategy, you can establish your website as a resource hub for your industry, attracting visitors naturally through search engines, blogging, and social media. If your business doesn't have a solid content marketing component, there is no time like the present to establish your presence.

Establish your website as a resource hub for your industry


Asked & Answered

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What is content marketing?

While in the past, businesses relied on traditional marketing channels such as print media, radio, television, flyers and billboards to build brand awareness, digital marketers can now use online channels.

While some online marketing (such as PPC Advertising) resembles traditional advertising, savvy businesses use a style of marketing involving the creation and sharing of thoughtful, entertaining or informative online material. Through videos, blogs, and social media posts, content marketing does not explicitly promote a brand but aims to stimulate interest in the products or services it offers.

These can include advertising your products or services via social media, email or blogs or encouraging consumers to visit your website through targeted keyword searches relating to what you offer.

Is content marketing effective?

Yes! Content marketing is one of the most influential and cost-effective ways for businesses to communicate and engage with customers directly.

A well-crafted, intelligent and entertaining blog post that answered a curious searcher’s question can deliver a qualified lead directly to your digital doorstep.

While content marketing requires generously taking the time to share valuable knowledge and insights freely with your prospects, it returns tenfold in brand awareness, establishes authority and builds a sense of reciprocity with your audience.

What sort of content marketing works best?

Because each business across countless industries appeals to a unique group of customers, the type of content with the greatest potential to attract them will differ.

We generally suggest maintaining a blog as standard regardless of your business size or sector, but we explore a range of content formats from infographics, white papers, ebooks, videos and more when determining the right content marketing solution to reach and engage your audience.

How long does it take for improved ranking results?

Solely relying on incremental organic search ranking improvements from content marketing through random searcher's finding your blogs and such can take time and requires diligence and patience.

Therefore, to amplify your content and get things moving at a faster pace, we adopt an integrated digital marketing approach that uses a strategic mix of PPC digital advertising, SEO, social media, and email marketing to push your content out to the world.

We provide you with analytical tools and set up your dashboard so you can monitor how these activities are moving your website traffic. We generally suggest allowing 6-12 months to gain traction and momentum for significant and measurable business results.

We’d love to discuss your next project.