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Our professional writers are SEO strategists & storytellers who craft brand transformational evergreen content.


Sure-fire SEO-friendly copy, written to resonate with humans

Zeemo is an original & artful copywriting agency in Melbourne. We meld technical SEO know-how with inquisitiveness & expertise to produce creative & persuasive web copy. We create blogs, EDMs & social, digital & traditional marketing content to communicate your brand, attract & activate leads & build thought leadership.

Services We Offer

For catchy content across all communications

Content Strategy

  • Content Marketing Plans
  • Content calendar & themes management
  • Defining verbal standards
  • Customer Personas
  • Audience Segmentation


  • Brand identity & brand story development
  • Names, taglines & slogans
  • Tone of voice development
  • Personnel bios
  • Rebranding

Web Copy & SEO

  • Original content website copy deck & eCommerce copywriting
  • Landing, sales & service pages, bios, case studies, FAQs
  • Keyword research
  • Web rewrites / SEO copy refresh
  • Meta descriptions & tags

Content Marketing

  • eNewsletters & blog writing services
  • Social media copywriting, profiles, posts, captions, advertising
  • EDMs & email conversion/autoresponder series content
  • Whitepapers & presentations Radio & video scripts


  • Print advertisement copy
  • Print collateral, brochures, flyers, thank you cards
  • Editorial & article writing
  • Customer testimonials
  • Speech & pitch writing

General Copywriting

  • Editing & proofreading
  • Ghostwriting & ghost blogging services
  • Internal documents, policies & reports
  • Structural editing/rewriting
  • Style guides

Notable Projects

Here are some copywriting samples from our extensive portfolio & of course, there’s also our blog.

Professional SEO content writers for fresh, clean & original copywriting

Matchless SEO

And when we say "matchless", we mean literally without match. With Zeemo, you can rest assured our professional content writers only serve up fresh, clean & original copy that passes the plagiarism sniff test; you'll find no nasty duplicate content scrapings or soggy keyword salad coming out of our content kitchen!

Googlebot & other search engines are continuously on the lookout for plagiarised web copy. Websites with duplicated content risk ranking penalties and if the copyright owner discovers a competitor site has reposted their content without permission, they can file a complaint with Google.

When it comes to web copy, it's best to hire an experienced writer who specialises in SEO copywriting services, so you don't inadvertently run afoul of the algorithms & get booted to the back page.

Better Blogs

There's a joke in SEO circles that the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google because (you guessed it) nobody ever looks there.

If you want to get on Page One, you'd better get blogging. When it comes to content marketing & SEO, it's hard to understate the potency of a well-written, thought-provoking & entertaining blog. Not only do blogs set your brand apart as an authority in your niche, but they also regularly inject brand spanking new keyword-rich content into your site, which Google LOVES & rewards with improved ranking.

"But I don't have the time to blog", you wail as you juggle all the day-to-day operations of your business - that is where your SEO copywriter comes in: ghostwriting exceptional blogs drawn from multiple sources & rewritten in original language to wow your readers & upstage your competition.

Well-written, thought-provoking & entertaining blog copywriting agency

Why Zeemo

We Write Right

If you are looking for a Melbourne copywriter who writes clickable headlines & meaningful, compelling & intelligent content for your customers that beats the bots, then look no further than Zeemo as your go-to content writing SEO agency.

Our copy superstars are communications specialists that can write with relevance across a broad range of industries, fields & areas of need, whether for a website copywriter or blogs & cross-channel promotion for a new product.

SEO copywriting Melbourne writes 100% original content

100% Original

There may be no new ideas however there are new ways to express them; our content writers source wisdom to rewrite wisely.

Find your brand voice & apply it across all branded content


We can help find your 'brand voice' & apply it across all branded content, from web copy to captions, packaging, to promotions.

Optimised your copy for reading on mobile devices

Mobile Friendly

We ensure your copy is optimised for reading on mobile devices so it doesn't fall prey to the TL:DR (Too Long : Didn’t Read) effect.

Creative Copywriting Agency Melbourne

Quality Content

As a creative copy agency, we pride ourselves on crafting inspired content that is inviting, exciting & of interest to your audience.

Creative copywriter writes conversion copy & compelling Calls To Action

Marketing Focused

Our creative copywriting team have extensive sales & marketing experience writing conversion copy & compelling Calls To Action.

SEO focused content creator in Melbourne

SEO Minded

While we write for human readers first & foremost, those fickle search bots are never forgotten, ensuring we also write to rank.


Asked & Answered

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Why choose a digital agency over a freelance copywriter?

Turning to a full-service creative agency such as Zeemo for a content writer in Melbourne to produce your website copy, blogs & other content needs gives you access to not only professional SEO writers but a whole team of creative talent, including graphic designers, photographers, web developers & marketing strategists. So instead of just delivering words, we can turn those words into finished products & put them straight to work for you.

What is Duplicate Content?

Any two pages on the web that are identical or share a lot of common content can be flagged as duplicates by a search engine.
Google will penalise secondary sites or pages containing: "substantive blocks of content found within or across domains, that either completely matches existing content or is appreciably similar" by automatically removing them from Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).
Duplication can be:

  • Internal - two similar pages on the same website. This is usually a result of trying to repurpose sections of your own web copy across multiple pages without rewording.
  • External - two similar pages on two different sites. This can be an innocent mistake; you may have reused copy on other digital properties such as your social media or copied a manufacturer's product description verbatim. However, it can also result from a lazy content thief using your RSS feed to repost your content word-for-word on their site.
Don't panic if you discover your original content has been stolen; Google can usually work out whose came first. If you are worried about duplicate content on your site, Zeemo can run an audit to make sure each page is originally worded for peak SEO ranking performance.


Do I need a blog on my website?

Yes. If you want to stand ANY chance of your website rising up the organic rankings to land one of the handful of coveted unpaid slots on your primary keyword Page One SERP, you need a blog.

Furthermore, your blog needs to intelligently answer the questions or delightfully pique the interest of your target audience, so it conspicuously bobs above the waves as they surf the web.

Can you write technical content?

Sure can! Don't get us wrong; we don’t just happen to know everything about every subject! We are just really good at researching & finding expert sources we can use as reference material to inform our original copy.

How much does it cost to hire a copywriter?

How much you pay for a skilled copywriter will vary depending on the type of projects you need content for but let's just say it's 'less than you'd expect & worth more than you paid' dollars. We embed copywriting as part of our SEO Services & offer tailored EDM and blogs. Tell us what you are after & we'll happily give you a quote.

Furthermore, your blog needs to intelligently answer the questions or delightfully pique the interest of your target audience, so it conspicuously bobs above the waves as they surf the web.

Why is it a good idea to hire a local copywriter?

If your business only serves a particular geographic region, you should find a copywriter that understands the locals & locales. This allows them to infuse the cultural nuances & language idiosyncrasies that establish authenticity.

To illustrate, if we were to go for a glass of beer after work, depending on where in Australia we were, we'd order a 'Middy' in Sydney, Canberra & Perth, a 'Pot' in Melbourne & Brisbane, a 'Schooner' in Adelaide, a 'Ten' in Hobart & a 'Handle' in Darwin.
If you need a web content writer who knows Melbourne, give Zeemo a call.

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