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When out-of-the-box tools can’t reliably meet a complex challenge Zeemo can develop a custom API or web platform solution to solve most any problem.


Sometimes you need a square hole

Founded in 2002, the team at Zeemo have been working with unique ‘square peg’ businesses to develop custom coded web solutions for a broad range of online integration challenges. We are a boutique digital agency offering custom development in Melbourne and build complex API’s (application programming interface) with customer’s ease of use as our primary focus.

Standard CMS development for eCommerce or online business

100% Custom If your eCommerce or online business needs are complex and a standard CMS won’t cut it, we can custom code the perfect solution.

Custom build app integration agency Melbourne

Challenges Welcomed Whether you require a simple app integration or an elaborate custom build we enjoy the opportunity for spot of creative coding.

Custom API development company

Full Ownership On completion of your custom API or platform development project the entire code repository and copyright is owned by you.

Web developers building secure & scalable systems

Usability Focused Our web developers understand the importance of building secure & scalable systems that are easy to use and maintain.

Notable Projects

Here is a small sample of recent projects from our web development agency Melbourne portfolio.

Build the API bridges to connect all programmes together

Building System Bridges

Your business, like many others, may use a range of off-the-shelf software and SaaS products to manage the various day-to-day operations of your business.

These products are all purpose-built to do a task; for example, you may have Salesforce as your CRM, MYOB as your accounting software, NetSuite as your ERP system and MailChimp for email marketing.

Because all of these programmes are created by different developers, they don’t all necessarily communicate with one another. Where that is the case, it can require multiple entries of the same data on each of the platforms.

That is where custom APIs shine; our engineers can build the API bridges necessary to connect all of these programmes together, so no matter where new data is entered, it populates the relevant fields in all platforms instantly and automatically.

Improving Business Processes

Your business may not wish to use popular off-the-shelf accounting & CRM software, instead favouring proprietary purpose-built solutions. In which case, Zeemo can create a custom-designed CRM system enabling you to streamline and automate your business processes and a custom API to allow you to develop strategic endpoints for data sharing.

Building a custom API would enable your clients and staff to interact directly with your internal CRM system. This lets your operations scale faster and improves productivity by reducing the need for manual data input at every step of a process. A new customer needs only enter their information once on your website, and voila, they become a record on your database, which in turn links to your automated email newsletter.

Custom-designed CRM system for business processes and custom API

Why Zeemo

Your Bespoke API & Web Developer

Zeemo's innovative web developers build problem solving custom API solutions unique to your business integration and automation needs.

Designing tailored ERP CRM & API integrations for eCommerce functionality

Collaborative Approach

We work in partnership with you, designing tailored ERP CRM & API integrations transforming how your eCommerce website functions.

Custom API and platform development agency

Full Ownership

When Zeemo complete your custom API or platform development project the entire code repository and copyright is owned by you.

API and custom web development Melbourne

Fixed Price

We offer fixed price quotes for API and custom development projects with ongoing technical support to ensure you get maximum ROI.

CMS & SaaS platforms integration

Popular Platforms

We work with CMS & SaaS platforms like Laravel, Magento2, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, Salesforce, MYOB, PayPal, Mailchimp & more.

API, website development and deployment service Melbourne

Full Service

Zeemo is your go-to agency for comprehensive end-to-end API & website development and deployment services in Melbourne.

Integrate powerful tools & software with website & CRM

Smart Automation

We seamlessly integrate powerful tools & software with your website forms & CRM for easy, timely & tailored automation.


Asked & Answered

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What is an API?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are data conduits that connect two online systems or services together to power complex online applications and create the backend for a variety of website features, functions and user experiences.

How does an API work?

Think of an API as a pipeline that connects from one system to another. For example, say you are shopping for shoes online, at the end of the checkout process, you are given an option to 'pay with PayPal'; this is an API. Typically, an API is developed by the software, app or service provider (in this case, PayPal) and the code made available to the website developer to integrate PayPal's secure payment gateway into the shoe retailer's website to enable buyers to make a purchase without requiring them to exit the checkout. This is achieved through a set of coded commands requesting certain data by one system retrieved from the other system.

What is custom API development?

A custom API development project is much like any other web development or design project. It starts with a process of discovery and architecture planning; goals & objectives of the system are outlined & the specification is written. Then, it proceeds to development and integration into data storage & file storage systems. The final stage is deployment which includes thorough documentation to help make your API service understandable to the outside world.

Do I need to hire a developer to utilise an API?

Generally, yes. It is called a "programming interface" because developers may need to use various methods & coding languages to connect these interfaces to requests and receive usable data. Building a custom API is a complex project, requiring access to data and technical information stored deep within an application. While some services such as Magento 2 allow you to utilise APIs from multiple sources & tie them together, the power of developing proprietary APIs lies in their ability to extend the capabilities of developers in general.

Where are you located?

For custom API & web development in Melbourne, visit our web development agency Melbourne office in Narre Warren. We can also provide professional web development services for businesses anywhere across Victoria & Australia.

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