Social Media Advertising

We leverage custom audience targeting for laser-focused social media advertising that beats the bots & builds your following.


Creating compelling impressions on targeted timelines

Zeemo is your go-to social media advertising team, providing a steady stream of on-brand, sharable click-worthy content. Our experienced creative marketing team are brimming with insightful advice to help your business make the most of your social media paid advertising budget.

Cost-effective, goal-orientated social media advertising strategies

Strategic. As seasoned marketing professionals, Zeemo research & plan cost-effective, goal-orientated social media advertising strategies.

Target high-intent audiences for your product or service

Targeted. We define specific customer personas and target high-intent audiences actively searching online for your product or service.

Creative content for cross-channel social media marketing campaigns

Flexible. We can supply occasional or ongoing creative content optimised for cross-channel social media marketing campaigns.

Custom design social media content for social advertising ROI

Personalised. We custom design original social media assets & content for consistent, cohesive brand recognition & maximum social advertising ROI.

Improve your social media advertising campaigns

Measured. We analyse the performance of paid social media posts and use insights to refine & improve your social media advertising campaigns.

Notable Projects

Here is one of our recent social advertising campaigns from our extensive portfolio.

Choose Zeemo as your social media marketing agency

Your Creative Social Media Partner

For businesses without a dedicated social media department, simply responding to the community & cultivating a happy & engaged audience can be a full-time job. If you are struggling to set aside the time & human resources for developing social media strategies, creating viral content, analysing social media data, coordinating brand messaging & running paid advertisements, Zeemo can help.

When you choose Zeemo as your social media marketing agency, you are getting an all-in-one in-house team for marketing strategy, graphic design, original content, copywriting, photography, SEO, web design & analytics. We work as an extension of your team to plan, create, implement, measure & improve your social advertising.

Our creative content team works in a close collaborative partnership to understand your business goals & your key demographics’ needs. We create high-impact, on-brand assets to share with your community of loyal followers & help spread the word of your product or service over social media.

Why Zeemo

Building Brand Community Through Paid Social Impressions

Zeemo is a trusted social media advertising agency used by Melbourne businesses looking to outsource their social media content creation & advertising. We have experience running social advertising campaigns in multiple industries and we know how to entertain, inform & transform visitors to your social media channels into loyal customers.

Social media advertising agency Melbourne

100% Transparency

Zeemo charge fixed fees for management & content; you control your social media advertising spend directly with the social platform.

Sharable & adaptable social content that displays for all social platforms


We create sharable & adaptable social content that displays seamlessly on mobile, tablet & desktop for all social platforms.

High conversion social media ads & assets

In-house Team

Our professional copywriters, graphic designers & photographers work together to produce high conversion social media ads & assets.

Cross-channel social media content


We ensure your cross-channel social media content delivers clear, consistent & cohesive brand recognition & messaging.

Applying our learning to improve for future social marketing posts

Long-term Focus

We become wiser with every campaign we undertake, applying our learning to inform & improve for future social marketing posts.

Monitor & report on social ad campaign

Track & Measure

We monitor & report on social ad campaign traffic/reach, engagement, impressions, impact, sentiment, lead generation & sales.


Asked & Answered

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How does advertising on social media work?

Social media advertising comes down to three key components that are tweaked & tinkered within a social media strategy to deliver the desired results from the campaign.

  1. Audience - To run a successful social advertising campaign, you need to know your ideal customers. By creating buyer personas, you ensure that the campaign targets prospective customer segments with the right messaging with a high degree of granularity.
  2. Effective Content - Advertising on social media platforms works best when you use highly visual attention-grabbing photos, videos or other graphic elements with minimal ad copy & engaging headlines that are easily understood & value-oriented. Social ads also use keywords & a clear CTA (call-to-action).
  3. Budget - The final essential element once you have your ideal prospect identified & relevant, targeted ads created is to set your advertising budget & campaign duration, which can be from a single day or even a “lifetime” limit. Social ads use a bidding model for keywords & target demographics. Based on your bidding & budget, the platform will serve your ads directly onto the timelines of the most relevant users. Carefully analysing results data can help optimise your ROI versus ad costs & refine your campaigns.

What are the benefits of Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising allows advertisers to take advantage of the user demographic information collected by social media platforms to hone their ads to appropriate audiences. Prospects can be isolated using hundreds of parameters, from demographic data (such as age, gender, income, education & marital status) to browsing preferences, interests & social behaviour.

What role does social media play in a digital marketing strategy?

The ability to use advanced targeting on social media makes it a potent tool for prospecting. In addition, a company's social media is increasingly the first contact a potential customer has with their brand. As such, it should be seen as an essential part of your multichannel marketing mix & the possible start of a sales funnel that can be used to create strong connections while driving conversions & repeat purchases.

What is advanced targeting?

Most major social media networks offer advanced targeting options for advertisers to increase personalisation & relevance. Advanced targeting may include:

  • Interest: Targeting people that have expressed an interest in your industry, product, or a competitor
  • Behavioural/Connection: Targeting people connected to your social media page, app, group, event, etc.
  • Custom or Tailored Audiences: Targeting by uploading your existing CRM data such as email mailing list, phone numbers, user IDs, or usernames into a social media network to target ads directly to them on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Lookalike: Acquire new customers by targeting people similar to your current users, customers & followers.

How much does Social Advertising cost?

Social advertising is not a one-size-fits-all proposition; there are no fixed ad prices; instead, advertisers bid for keywords & prospect segments. The more competitive the market you wish to reach, the higher your bid will need to be to win an impression on a target’s timeline. Zeemo can develop a tailored strategy to give you maximum return based on your requirements & provide advice on how to set a realistic social media marketing budget.

Can you design the ads & write the copy?

Yes, Zeemo is a full-service creative digital marketing agency; our Melbourne in-house creative team includes professional copywriters, graphic designers & photographers who can work with you to produce high conversion social media ads & assets that portray your unique brand.

Does Zeemo manage replies to community comments on social ads on my behalf?

No, while we can do most of the elements of a paid social media advertising campaign when it comes to responding & engaging directly with your audience, you will need to appoint an in-house staff member to communicate on behalf of your brand.

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