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We began by researching the target audiences for the website (both B2B and B2C) and all the information that they would need to interact with the business. We humanised the Fyna brand so that we could set the tone and style of content that was to be presented.


Each day the number of devices, platforms and browsers that you need to be compatible with your website continue to grow. A responsive design ensures that the users experience is consistent across all devices by automatically resizing the website for the device that is being used. You can test the responsiveness of any website by opening it on your mobile phone or tablet. If you need fairy fingers it's not responsive!


A very important step in the process of building a visually striking website is building a quality image library. Zeemo’s in-house photographer was tasked with photographing the product and taking photos of the production line at their Hallam manufacturing plant. It was hard not to get distracted by the delicious smells coming at you from every inch of the place!

The team at Zeemo have helped us completely re-imagine our corporate confectionery website. They took our pretty ordinary design and turn it into a fun, vibrant website that captures our ‘personality’ perfectly. Zeemo are very professional and well organised and helped us stay on track to achieve our key milestones. Innovative with their design concepts and ideas for each individual brand page, we could not be more satisfied with the service we have received. We are really looking forward to the launch of our second website (Wizz Fizz). Zeemo also shot our entire product range and conducted an on-site photoshoot of our manufacturing which has been instrumental for use in other marketing activities and an added bonus that made my life so much easier!

C.E, Fyna Foods

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