5 ways web design can boost the credibility of your business

Added 17.02.11

Like any business owner, you most certainly want to give your customers the best first impression you can. Your website is a big part of how your business is perceived now that the internet is one of the main methods everyone uses to seek out information, so your choice of web design can have a powerful effect over the credibility of your business. Better make sure it’s a positive one! Here, in no particular order, are 5 ways web design can lend your company a trustworthy appearance and competitive edge:

1. Contacts: It sounds like common sense, but many people forget to include their full contact information in an obvious place on their website. Your web design should include a clearly sign-posted ‘Contact US’ link or list your company name, registration number, street and postal addresses, contact numbers and hours of operation in the header and footer of every page.

2. Professionals: Make sure you employ the services of an experienced and professional web design company that produce custom websites rather than template pages. If your website appears cheap and poorly assembled, visitors are likely to be left with the impression that your business will offer a similarly low standard of service.

3. Structure: To ensure that your website is useful and easily accessible to your customers, your web design should be set out as simply as is possible. Menus and site navigation tools must be clearly visible and appropriately titled. Be sure to include a search feature to allow visitors to quickly locate the specific information they require.

4. Updates: It is important to stay abreast of advancements in web design and employ these techniques on your site to lend your business a modern appearance. Similarly, a web design that allows for regular updates and includes a blog, recent news and press release pages will immediately convey the progressive and active nature of your company.

5. Errors: One of the easiest ways to instantly lose credibility is to post content with spelling and grammar mistakes on your website. From blog entries to directories, contact information, forms and links, your website content must be carefully proof read. If any errors such as broken links or typos are discovered at a later date, make sure they are amended immediately – remember, your company’s reputation is at stake.

From companies just starting up, to brands that have been established for years, Infinite IT Solutions’ expert web design team can identify what professional web design can bring to your business and what you’ll need to make it happen. For more information on our creative web design services, give us a call on 1300 881 594.