Custom Design Vs Template Websites

Added 03.02.11

What is the difference between the two? Template websites are based on a set design or template. They have very limited functionality and little if no scope for change or personalisation. Another drawback of template websites is that many businesses use the same template so you see the same design, even the same colours, in use on other websites. This is particularly frustrating when this occurs in your own industry.

Traditionally, template websites are significantly cheaper than customised websites and are often a financially viable option for start up businesses. Though this may be an economical way to start up, if you want to stand out from other businesses and convey the appearance of a solid, robust company, you should consider a custom designed website.

Customised websites are built from ground up to the client’s requirements so the options are limitless. Customised web designs can utilise latest technologies and functionalities such as the creative use of images in flashing banners, shopping cart functionality, videos, newsletters, member login areas, blogs and customised Content Management Systems.

Customised website designs look solid, slick and professional and promote buyer confidence. The beauty of a well designed customised website is that it can provide the illusion of a long established, solid and sizeable business even if you are only a start up. A good web designer will design a website that reflects your image requirements be it strictly professional, classy, contemporary or quirky. The options are endless.

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