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This Brisbane-born brand has been designing mowers to tame the Aussie backyard for over 60 years.

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Built to be tough Rover mowers are hardworking companions - committed to reducing cutting time & effort - they won’t let you down! Safety comes first with Rover, fitted with safety features to keep the user safe, even when they step away to empty the grass catcher. The efficiency of the Rover mower means reduced time in the garden and more time to spend with family.

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Zeemo provides a full-suite of digital marketing services to Rover. From planning and implementation of the ground-up website build to ongoing search optimisation services, we have it all covered. Delivering results-based website and marketing results, the buck stops with us. As the saying goes: too many cooks in the kitchen is a recipe for disaster! Zeemo built the Rover website with both the user and search rankings in mind – there’s a fine balance required to make it work, and work well.

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Rover’s range of lawn mowers, ride-on mowers and power gardening equipment can be purchased online using the Magento built shopping cart site. The Magento CMS offers a significant range of functionality for shopping carts including flexible pricing & discount rules, promotional pricing, recently viewed and compared products, wish lists, free shipping options, stock availability, unlimited product attributes, automatic image resizing and more. What’s more it allowed for integration with Rover’s pre-existing ERP and CRM systems.

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Ecommerce websites require a level of up-keep and Zeemo provide on-going support to Rover to ensure that everything is working well from a front-end perspective and from an SEO rankings point of view. As new functionality is required, or customer buying habits change, Zeemo is there to make recommendations and implement the necessary updates to ensure the website remains engaging for years to come.

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