Why Is Facebook Buying Online Marketing Tool, Atlas, From Microsoft?


In a bid to build a more effective marketing system, it was announced on the 28th of February that Facebook is set to purchase Microsoft’s advertising tools, known by the name of Atlas. Facebook strongly believe that the tools will prove to be more fruitful under their ownership than they ever were under Microsoft’s (they have owned Atlas for the last 5 and a half years).


Atlas is actually a monitoring tool that aims at helping companies assess how their online marketing tools are doing. It allows marketers to make changes to their campaigns that will connect them with people who are more likely to invest in their products and services. The tool didn’t bring in as much online ad revenue for Microsoft as was expected.

It is seen as the perfect solution for Facebook, however, whose investors want the popular social network to grow at a much faster rate. Whilst Facebook already analyzes the interests that users are sharing so that ads can be targeted at specific audiences, investors believe that the $4.3 billion that the company made in advertising in 2012 can be improved upon.

It is believed that Atlas will provide Facebook with a number of benefits that they would otherwise not have access to. For one, it will enable marketers to judge the effectiveness of their campaigns. It will also allow Facebook to compete with all of the other analytical tools that are currently on the market, especially those provided by Google.

At the moment, we are waiting to see how well Facebook is able to integrate its data with the Atlas tools – and whether this integration will result in any sort of privacy backlash. The social network is no stranger to these sorts of complaints, with many users claiming that they have disregarded personal privacy in their bid to sell more advertising space.

Only time will tell how successful Facebook’s endeavours will be into this handy online marketing tool. With thousands of users logging into Facebook accounts everyday, however, Atlas has ever likelihood of succeeding in conjunction with the other analysis tools that the team is using to tailor the ads offered to each of their users.