What Is White Hat SEO?


For those new to the world of search engine optimization (also known as SEO), you will have heard a lot of terms being thrown at you, but do you know what they actually mean? “White hat SEO” is one of the most commonly used phrases, and it refers to the most ethical ways to receive good search engine rankings for your website.

Essentially, white hat SEO is the name given to the ethical practices that are used by web designers to generate higher search rankings. The SEO techniques considered white hat are so called because:

  • they conform to the SEO guidelines set out by the search engines
  • they do not trick or mislead search engine spiders or users
  • they organically generate higher search engine results

The most common white hat SEO techniques that you can use include: keyword density (which involves the content that you post not exceeding a specified amount of keyword mentions), link exchange (which involves getting other websites to post links to your site and you posting links to theirs in return), correct link structure (which involves the use of keywords in links as well as clearly outlining where it will take visitors), and quality content (which involves the creation of original blogs and articles that people will find interesting or helpful).


While white hat SEO can take considerably longer to be successful than other SEO techniques, it is the only way to ethically achieve better search engine rankings. And, even though the SEO process is a much longer and time consuming one, the results are guaranteed to remain long term, meaning you will get more and more traffic to your website over time.