Top SEO trends for 2011


Just like every other aspect of web design and web development, SEO practices go through trends and fashions, as people discard techniques which are no longer relevant and adopt more popular and effective techniques. One of the biggest recent changes is the merging of SEO principles into the complete process of web design. This means that SEO is beginning to be considered as more of an element of design, rather than an after-the-fact addition. Here are some ways that SEO principles are influencing new trends in web design.

Multiheaders are sections of a website's homepage that flick through different stories or pages. For SEO purposes, multiheaders are very useful because they allow more content on a limited space. The homepage is the most important page to have relevant content on because it is the first page visited by search engine 'crawlers.'

Illustrative Design
Despite the emphasis SEO experts place on the placement of relevant keywords, visual design is still the best way to attract the attention of actual people, instead of search engines. Using CSS technology is the SEO friendly answer to finding a balance between attractive design and search engine compatibility.

Infographics are a fun and engaging way of conveying information to user. People love reading them, and no matter how dull your subject matter, an infographic can probably be made which puts it in an interesting light. Because they are so popular and perfect for viewing online, infographics are one of the best ways to build natural links to your website – one of the most successful SEO techniques.