The SEO Techniques Not To Forget


Most of the articles and blogs we see on search engine optimization (SEO) are aimed towards websites that are just getting started, but what about mature websites? If you’re website has been around for five years or even longer, it’s probably about time that you checked out some of your older pages and revisited your SEO strategy:

• Dead Links
Just because a page was there five or ten years ago doesn’t mean it’s still going to be there now. And, even if the website is still around, they may have gone on a complete overhaul and changed the way they archive their past work, effectively breaking the SEO link you posted ages ago. Refresh these links for SEO, by finding the new page or simply removing them.

• Blacklisted Links
Did you know that your SEO can actually get penalized for linking to a website that has been blacklisted by the search engine spiders? Sometimes, a website will expire and the domain will be bought by a different website that posts spam, illegal or adult content – you need to ensure that your site isn’t linking to these kinds of places for SEO.

• Old Threads
Whenever a visitor can leave a comment or feedback, you have a recipe that could yield both SEO gold and disaster. For your SEO strategy, you should consider closing comment threads that are more than 2 years old (to prevent people trawling them) and to check for dead or broken links.

Just because your website is quite a few years old does not mean that you keep implementing the same type of SEO strategy over and over again – there are other ways that you can ensure your site is properly optimized. Get your SEO team to look for dead or blacklisted links and to browse your old comment threads for negative material and reap the rewards.