Questions to ask yourself before finalising your Website Concept Designs

Added 01.06.18

When designing or redesigning a website, there are a number of questions that you will need to ask yourself during the concept stage to ensure that your final design is exactly what you need. Keep in mind that the rest of the web pages will be based on the home page design you have chosen, so it’s important that you are satisfied with the layout, theme and overall design.

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Does the concept accurately represent my brand?

It's important that your website provides customers with an adequate picture of your brand. This will, after all, help them to form their first impressions of you. Colours, font style, font sizes and so on will all contribute to the overall look and feel of your brand.

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Is the layout easy to navigate?

The layout and menu display are some of the most important features to consider when choosing a design. Put yourself into the shoes of your customers – does the layout help them to understand who you are, are you able to easily navigate the sale process, and so on.


Is there a good balance between what Google and visitors want?

Although it’s impossible to give everyone exactly what they want, you do need to strike a balance to ensure that everyone is happy. Google likes to see a lot of text whilst visitors like to see very little text – keeping both sides engaged with the design is a must for your success.


Are changes able to be made down the track?

Whilst you generally can add features and make changes to the design in the future, it’s crucial that you settle on the layout, colour scheme and navigation early on in the process. Adding or removing anything major down the track could result in a costly redesign being required.


Is the website responsive across all platforms?

If the website looks great on desktop but looks like a mess on tablets and smartphones, it’s not serving its purpose. Keep in mind that 70% of all web traffic comes from mobile sources so you need to ensure that your chosen design will translate well across all platforms. Pay special attention to how the navigation appears on mobile.

By asking yourself the above questions, you can rest assured that your final design choices will be everything you wanted and more. Always keep in mind that a website is not a small investment by any means and that it will be vital in potential clients and customers forming opinions of your business, which is why you need to ensure that you’ve chosen wisely.