Myth – Adwords Can Help Your SEO Ranking


There are some search engine optimisation (SEO) professionals out there who will suggest that you include an Adwords campaign in your optimisation package, because it really does help to boost your ranking. If you have ever spoken with a supposed ‘expert’ who tried to sell you this idea, one would hope that you turned and ran in the opposite direction as fast as you could, because the reality of the situation is that Adwords has no bearing on organic SEO whatsoever.

This SEO myth alone is surrounded by more conspiracies and controversy than all the others put together. Whilst using Adwords can be helpful for making your brand more visible (they’re those yellow box advertisements that you see on the top and down the left hand sides of your Google searches), it has absolutely no bearing on your organic (SEO) results. Google themselves have even stated that their advertising programs (such as Adwords) are kept entirely independent of their search results.

Need more convincing? All you have to do is use a little bit of common sense – rankings that you have paid for should be kept completely separate to rankings that you have achieved through optimisation for the simple reason that the way each of these strategies is undertaken are completely different. If you want to use Adwords to boost the visibility of your website go for it, but do not think that it is going to have any bearing on your SEO results.

The next time you hear someone talking about how good Adwords is for improving SEO or your ranking, ignore them and keep walking. There is absolutely no evidence at all to suggest that this is true (and Google themselves have also denied that it is), so there is no point in discussing the matter. The only way to ensure organic results (without having to pay for advertising space) is to implement an effective SEO strategy.