Google Analytics and Internet Marketing


The reporting tools and statistics available with Google Analytics are a vital component for gauging the success of any online marketing campaign and here’s why:

First of all, it’s free! Information that is invaluable for internet marketing is offered completely free of charge with Google Analytics.

See if anyone is visiting. You can see comprehensive statistics of how many users are actually viewing your website.

See what they’re doing. Ever wondered what pages are the most popular on your business website? With Google Analytics as part of your internet marketing you can see which pages people visit the most, and even how long they spend on them.

Where did they come from? If you’re tired of forking out money for ads on search engines, or you want to know if that internet marketing campaign is really working, then you also have access to reports about where your website traffic is actually coming from.

See what’s working. Edit your website content or change the direction of your internet marketing based on the results you see with Google Analytics. You’ll see what your visitors connect with and can tailor the website to keep them coming back to view your products and services.

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