Google AdWords - How it can impact your website?


Google AdWords is a service that has become very common with businesses online, and you might be wondering how it can help bring more visitors to your website. It's useful to explain exactly what it is and how it works, then you can figure out if it might be relevant for your business.

What is it?
AdWords is now the main source of revenue for Google. Text ads consist of one title line and two lines of text content, while image ads can vary in terms of layout and size. These are the ads that will appear in the sponsored link section of a Google search result, on the right hand side of the results or sometimes above the results.

How does it work?
The cost of having an ad placed in a search result with AdWords depends on the "quality score" given to your ad by Google. This will take into account the performance history of your website and the amount of traffic it generates, and also the relevance of the keywords (click here for more information about keywords) on your website. The placement of your ad will also depend on the bids of other advertisers, i.e. how much they are willing to pay for each click generated by an ad.

Will it help with my web performance?
This is a judgment call on your part, you might feel that your search engine optimisation should focus on improving your rank on the free listing or organic results page, or you might like the idea of paying to place your business higher. In both cases however, keywords remain essential to the success and proper placement of your business website.