Essential Tools for Using Social Media in Online Marketing


Integration with social media is an important branch of online marketing. Besides building your brand awareness through organic, customer-focused means, interlinking with social media also boosts rankings in search engines, making other SEO efforts much easier to achieve.

One of the essential components o f using social media in online marketing is measuring your success. Because using social media requires constant vigilance in maintaining a social profile, it is important to make sure that your efforts are reaching the right audience and positively influencing traffic to your site or opinion of your brand. The following web applications help you to monitor your online marketing success.

Twitter Grader
Twitter Grader gives you a grade out of 100 that evaluates your online marketing success on twitter. The grade is calculated using an algorithm that considers factors such as the number of followers, power of followers, updates, follower/following ratio and engagement.

Twinfluence is an important online marketing evaluation tool because it not only analyses the number of followers you have, but also the quality of your followers. Quality followers are real people, not auto-bots, who are genuinely engaged with your tweets.

Klout examines both your Twitter and Facebook accounts to give a well-rounded analysis of your social online marketing activity. Results are given with a comprehensive breakdown which not only gives you numbers and statistics but also advice on where to improve, what message you are sending with your online marketing and more.

Using these tools to monitor your social media efforts can help you test out new techniques and develop your online marketing strategy.