What does SEO mean and how can it help my website

Added 23.03.10

The phrase SEO gets thrown around a lot, and you may have heard it during the development of your website. What you might not be sure of is exactly what SEO means and how it can help you improve your business.

Put simply, search engine optimisation or SEO is a process or strategy used to make a website "friendlier" to search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. The intention with SEO is to improve the ranking of a given website in the results for certain phrases or "keywords" in search engines.

A tailor operating on Russell St in the Melbourne CBD for example might want to target "suit alterations Melbourne" as a keyword, and have the business website achieve a higher ranking for this phrase. The quick-fix way to gain a higher ranking is through sponsored links, which obviously cost money.

A better approach is to structure a web design and the website content in a way that works with the search engines and boosts the ranking in the free listings or organic listings section. This should be the main focus of any SEO campaign as these results are often more trustworthy to the user searching for a keyword, and can also be more relevant to their query.

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