Tips for web developers when meeting with clients

Added 11.10.12

Meeting with a client for the first time can be a little nerve wracking – you want to make a good impression so that they’ll sign up with you, after all. Try looking at it from the client’s perspective, too – they are looking for someone who knows what they’re doing and do not want to be disappointed. Many web developers would be better off using one or two of the following tips:

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    Portfolio: Before the meeting, you should take some time to put together some examples of your past work. You can provide the client with links to some of the websites that you have worked on or print out screen shots for a hardcopy portfolio.
  • Flexibility
    Flexibility: For some clients, being able to contact you for urgent changes after hours and over weekends may be a point that makes or breaks their decision to hire you. Many web developers do have certain additional contact hours for these situations.
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    Dress: Even if you normally wear casual attire to the office, when meeting with a client you should dress professionally. These means a suit or, at the very least, dress slacks and a business shirt. For women, a skirt suit or business skirt and blouse are acceptable.

The most important tip for any web developer when meeting with a client is to cater the terminology that they use for the situation. Remember that your clients are not fellow developers, so much of the jargon that you use every day will go in one ear and out the other. Speak in a way that someone who is not familiar with your work would understand.