The Top Five Predictions for the Future of Web Design

Added 20.06.11

The nature of the internet is always changing. Here are five predictions for the future of web design.

  1. A focus on compatibility with mobile devices
    In 2011, it has been predicted that smart phones will outsell computers, so it is clear that web design will need to respond to different viewing ports. This means that websites will need to be viewable on regular sized desktop computers, smaller laptops smart phones and even smaller devices. To increase compatibility with mobile broadband devices, web design is heading towards simpler format and single page design. Web design is being cut back to contain the most pertinent information on only one page, which significantly speeds up load times.
  2. Increased user interactivity
    Users are becoming more accustomed to having an influence on their activity online, as web browsing is changing from a largely passive occupation to a more interactive one. Web Design will need to change in the future to accommodate the audience's expectation to control to some extent what content they see. This will involve the inclusion of discussion boards, live chat and blogs with comment boxes in more web designs.
  3. Three dimensional design
    With internet connection speeds getting even faster, there is greater scope for more impressive graphics in web design, particularly three-dimensional designs. This means web design is becoming even more creative with approaches to visually engaging the viewer, while still conforming to the vogue of simplicity in design. The introduction of depth online will mean that web design offers an even more varied experience compared to before.
  4. Greater influence of social media
    We already seeing the influence of social media on the way people interact in their daily lives as well as online, so it is easy to imagine the recent innovations in social media to influence web design in the future. Web design needs to respond to social media by seamlessly implementing links and icons to Twitter, Facebook and other popular sites within the design of the website.
  5. Growth of cloud computing
    In the future of web design, more websites will be held 'in the cloud' instead of hosted on traditional physical server farm machines. Cloud computing refers to a network of computer services, that are able to accessed by any device with an internet connection. Cloud computing offers greatly improved load times, as well as the opportunity excessive physical storage mediums. Cloud computing means that web design can become more versatile in the future.