How to spring clean your marketing for new growth

Added 29.09.20

Make the most of COVID downtime and polish up your business marketing strategy.

Make the most of COVID downtime and polish up your business marketing strategy.

Whether your business has been forced to slow down by a global pandemic or is just suffering a little seasonal stagnation, Spring is the perfect time to give your marketing strategy a good once-over to ensure you are ship shape for summer.

Here are some neat steps to help your business scrub up your next marketing campaign and outshine your competition.

clean your marketing for new growth

Get the nitty-gritty on your customers

NB: This exercise assumes you have a searchable CRM database; if you don't, you really should.

Before putting together a sparkling new marketing campaign to bring your business out of COVID hibernation, you'll need to find out what attracts people to your business.

Start by identifying your 'Best Customers' via a simple Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value (RFM) analysis, many CRM platforms can do this automatically.

Segment out your most valuable 20 customers from your RFM results; these are the ones with the highest 'lifetime value' for your business, perhaps having purchased multiple items, regularly, and recently, or maybe spending big, consistently, even if less frequently.

"Does it bring you joy?"

Does it bring you joy

This simple question is the basic tenet of the KonMari Method of decluttering, by Tidying Up guru Marie Kondo; but it can just as easily help you decide which marketing messages to keep or discard. 

One-by-one, you will speak to 20 of your Best Customers; if some aren't available, add some more from your RFM list.

The ideal would be a catch-up over a coffee or cocktail, but a personal call from you to see how they are doing and thank them for being so fabulous is going to brighten their day.

Explain you are revisiting your marketing strategy and are hoping they can help KonMari your marketing messages. "What's that?" they'll ask, and you will explain you are looking to 'spark joy', so wish to discover what it is precisely about your products and service that keeps them coming back. Listen carefully, ask smart open-ended questions, and take detailed notes: these insights you will be using in the next step.

Before saying your goodbyes, be sure to set up your next interaction: ask if you can send them a preview of your next campaign before it launches to get their feedback.

speak to 20 of your Best Customers
Spruce up your marketing

Spruce up your marketing

With your 20 Best Customers waiting with bated breath to see what you come up with from your brilliant reconnaissance, it's time to activate your marketing 'clean-up crew' to pull everything together into a beautiful neat offering ready for their approval.

If you don't have an in-house team, Zeemo is a full-service creative digital agency: our marketing experts are your perfect professional partners during this vital stage.

Using the keywords and phrases offered up by your biggest fans, create a fresh set of marketing assets; update your web copy, social media, direct marketing materials, and email campaigns.

Have the team review past promotional activities and establish some short and medium-term omnichannel marketing goals.

Finally, set up your 'kick start' EDM plan: ready your email series, PPC advertising, and social media posts, along with a couple of exciting blog posts for long term SEO.

You are ready.

Open the shutters & let in some air

Now that you have your spring ‘Joy Sparking’ campaign ready, get back in touch with your Best 20 with a preview.

Ask for their honest feedback and, more importantly, ask for referrals; nothing beats an authentic word of mouth endorsement by a loyal patron.

Many 'Best Customers' are likely to agree, if you ask them nicely, to forward your email with a warm introduction to one or two appropriate contacts in their network. However, depending on the type of business or customer, you could use a plugin to set up some incentives and make sharing and tracking their referrals very simple.

After your Top 20 affirm you have the right messaging, you can confidently roll your spring EDM strategy out to all your customers and beyond.

From our business to yours, we wish you great post-COVID success, and please get in touch if we can assist you along the way.

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Stay safe and spark joy!

Team Zeemo