When one of your marketing cogs isn't working we bring a fresh outside perspective to steer you back in the right direction.


We’re biased but marketing your product/service would have to be one of the most important things you have to do, regardless of the industry you operate in. Whether you want to build brand awareness, boost your sales or expand your business, marketing is the most effective way to get the job done. Are you currently more reactive and doing it ad-hoc? That’s ok, you can’t be an expert at everything, the strategists at Zeemo are here to ask you the right questions to build a plan is forward thinking and can be implemented quickly.

Why you need a Marketing Strategy

  • To develop a clear strategic goal for what you want to achieve in terms of gaining new customers, building brand loyalty and deeper relationships with existing customers.
  • To craft a powerful value proposition
  • To develop an integrated marketing campaign as we all know that digital media works best when integrated with traditional forms of media
  • To create a marketing schedule so that you can assign your budget and responsibilities
  • To ensure you are agile enough to stay ahead of the game
  • To track and measure all your communications, both online and offline, so that you can tweak it to ensure if remains engaging with your audience

How we build a digital strategy that works


1. Assess your current situation

Your digital activity will be driving traffic to your ultimate target, in most cases your website. So firstly we need to ensure that your website is going to be able to successfully convert that traffic. Focus is on delivering a mobile friendly and interactive experience in everything we do.

Assess your current situation

2. Research your market

What is already being done out in the market by your competitors? How can your digital effort be more engaging and make noise? We need to step beyond responding to and talking with consumers by delivering experiences rather than just messages.

Research your market

3. Choose the right digital
activities + channels

We will recommend the mix of digital activities and channels we think you need to invest in for maximum outcome. We need to understand your sales process and ensure that your digital marketing efforts align. If you want to send eNewsletters are you already collecting the relevant data?

4. Create an engaging + interactive strategy

We develop a digital strategy, in line with your budget, outline the stages and how we will measure the success. Implementation can be immediate.

Create an engaging + interactive strategy

Why partner with Zeemo?

You are backed by a team of over 25 full time, in-house staff who are results driven

You can focus on running your business. Don’t waste time doing hours of research or trying to be an expert in everything

You get things done. It’s easier saying ‘I can do this myself’ than actually doing it and doing it well

We take an active role in presenting new ideas and opportunities, so you can stay ahead of your competitors

We engage in professional development, staying abreast of new technologies and industry advancements

You will have a dedicated account manager who will provide you with support on an ongoing basis

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