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Talent Quarterly (TQ) encourages quality discussion of corporate talent issues. Their magazine aims to provide articles and interviews that are practical, fact-based and insightful so as to help readers make critical talent decisions.

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TQ's website has been built using Magento. The system was chosen for its versatility and extensive functionality. Customers can purchase a subscription to the TQ magazine, in print or as an eBook, or alternatively purchase individual articles. The checkout is a simple step-by-step process whereby you can choose to register as a guest or create an account.

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Mobile isn't just a fad, it's here to stay. More and more users are unlikely to even reach the desktop version of your website. So with that in mind we have flipped our design process on its head and now start with the mobile homepage concept. The absolute bare essentials are included on the smallest platform and it's then beefed up as we move towards the largest platform.

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