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The Fish Habitat Network (FHN) is an initiative of the Department of Environment & Primary Industries (DEPI). FHN is a network of individuals, communities, organisations and government brought together all states and territories within Australia to protect fish and ensure that they have aquatic habitats in which to thrive for future generations.

Development of The Brand Identity

FHN engaged Zeemo to design and build their website from concept to launch. Another designer had been engaged to create the logo however we were consulted during this period to provide feedback regarding design considerations for online use. From there we shaped the brand identity including the colours (cooling, natural, water influences), typography (modern but easy to read) and image style.

Fish Habitat Network
desktop view

User-friendly Navigation

FHN's primary requirement was for visitors to be able to easily access information. We achieved this through the use of appropriately titled and logical navigation (intuitive navigation), breadcrumbs on every page and the ability to search through projects using an interactive map. User-friendly navigation for administrators using the CMS was another critical requirement. The CMS has been designed to follow a similar format to the website so that administrators (with minimal website experience) can easily find and update content for each part of the website themselves, on a regular basis.

Since initially developing the website FHN has contacted Zeemo on a number of occasions to undertake additional work to add new functionality and features to the website.

Fish Habitat Network browser
browser view

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