eCommerce Websites

Imagine having the store you’ve always dreamed about, minus the expensive overheads and staffing costs!

Engaging shopper experience

We focus on the shopper experience to ensure they remain engaged throughout the buying process. There is nothing worse than being frustrated by a long step-by-step processes that fails part way through. As an example we highly recommend one-page checkouts where possible.

Our eCommerce solutions also include online booking forms, order management, marketing promotions (discounts), measurement and reporting.

We build Magento shopping carts

Zeemo loves building shopping carts in Magento. We have the expertise to build engaging eCommerce stores in Magento.

Our Magento developers can also integrate your eCommerce websites with existing systems including your online accounting system, eBay and others.

Our Capabilities


Multiple CMS platforms

eCommerce shopping carts

System integration

Integrated marketing campaigns

Bespoke content

Architecture planning for optimisation

Product and location photography

Earn as you sleep

business 24/7Conducting business 24/7 gives your customers accessibility to your business anywhere and anytime they are ready to transact with you.

If you are worried about the payment facility or technology behind it, don’t be. Internet shopping is made to be secure and our brainiac magento developers have the backend system all sorted out.

Measuring results using web analytics

Your shopping cart will be carefully monitored using Analytics to specifically track abandonment. Abandonment happens when a customer drops off during the check-out process, this could be after adding products, entering billing information or their shipping details, right up until payment is confirmed. By tracking their movements, by setting up specific goals, we can identify issues in the process and rectify them to prevent future abandonments.

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