Why Web Developers Shouldn't Ignore Design

Added 09.04.12

There can be no denying that many web developers will, on occasion, take design for granted. Some of these developers argue that this is because they cannot truly appreciate the important and beauty of design until they have been trained in the process. Others will say that this belief is completely false and that developers can easily teach themselves to accept design.

As web development is a highly complex and involved area of the internet, there can be no blaming the developers who decide to sweep design under the rug – after all, they need to make room in their brains for all the code that they need to understand. But it is also important to remember that some of the best developers in the world also have an extensive knowledge of design. If you want to get ahead in the industry, this is what you will need to do as well.

If you are a web developer who would like to take more notice of design in your daily practice, the best way to start is to visit a website that you feel would be much better if a number of changes were made. Write these changes down and, before you know it, you’ll be a right little designer in the making. Do this for a number of websites and you will soon start to realize how important design is in the functionality and usability of a website.

Unfortunately, web developers tend to lock themselves away in their own little worlds and trying to get them to take notice of anything else is a real struggle. As the user experience is of the utmost importance on any website, web developers really shouldn’t ignore design in their processes – it’s time to bridge the gap between the two areas in order to make websites more accessible for users.