Why Web Designers Should Do Personal Projects

Added 17.09.12

There is a lot of debate surrounding the question of whether web designers should work on personal projects or not – on one hand, many people believe that all experience is good experience, and on the other, many people find that they become biased and too absorbed with their own work. There are actually a number of reasons why designers should attempt personal projects, including:

  • Portfolio: It can be difficult to sign on clients if your portfolio is looking a little bare. This is why many designers find it beneficial to make themselves their first clients – they create a website for their company and show off their talents this way.

    design portfolio

  • Growth: That old saying, ‘practice makes perfect’, is one that web designers should live their lives by. By taking on personal projects, you can become even more familiar with some of the programs that you may need to use for client projects in the future.


  • Experimentation: Many designers would love to take the time and trial out some of their ideas – but many clients have a set end in mind and don’t care what their web designer thinks. Personal projects allow you to spread your wings a little.


  • Quality: When outsourcing work, many designers are on the lookout for mistakes and inconsistencies, often deciding that they do not like the work of someone else for no other reason than ‘just because’. If you are one of these people, doing your own projects is just easier.

    design quality

As you can see, there are a number of reasons that would suggest taking on personal projects is a good decision for all web designers. If you are in need of ways to increase the size of your portfolio, to grow and develop your skills, to experiment with some of the ideas that are floating around inside your head, or to achieve the quality you are accustomed to, this is the right move for you.