Why web design for events requires a different approach

Added 27.02.13

Think about the last event that your business held or about the last event that you remember seeing advertised. These days, most businesses will begin and end the promotion of their events using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. The odd business might also couple this with a newspaper advert and even some flyers that are handed out or dropped into letterboxes.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with promoting your events this way – you can do a lot with Facebook and Twitter, after all – there does come a time when creating a consistent brand for your event will be much more beneficial. This is where web design comes in – by creating a stunning and interactive website for your event, you are showing the public that you have faith in its success.

There are plenty of event web designs currently out there that have really nailed it in terms of the appearance of their website. Many of them come from all over the world, notably the USA and Europe. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own site, regardless of the type of event that you are holding, then these are the places to go:

Festival Mundo – This website is for a Spanish festival that showcases music, cinema and galleries. It uses a great colour scheme of yellow, purple, blue, pink and maroon with a futuristic edge.


Inspire Conference – This event is all about helping those in the design industry hone their skills and find inspiration. It features bright, cute and colourful illustrations in the place of graphics.

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Nordic Ruby – This event is held annually and the current web page displays information on when the next event will be held. It features a stunning photographed background.

Brand Web design

As well as a consistent brand, having an entire web design dedicated to your event will also provide you with the opportunity to offer history and information (about your business, the venue, the event and so on) and a way for visitors to register their interest in attending. It also makes the even much easier for visitors to share with their friends.