Why Special Offers Are Beneficial For Online Marketing


 A lot of people in the online marketing industry tend to overlook how beneficial special offers can be for their campaigns. Sending out special offers to your existing customers or posting them on your website can actually do great things for the promotion of your business, and here's why:

Continued loyalty

If you send out a special offer with your next e-newsletter or with the confirmation email sent out when customers make an order, you are encouraging them to buy through you again because they will receive some sort of discount or freebie if they do.

Cost effective

Believe it or not, sending out special offers as a part of your online marketing campaign is actually one of the most cost effective ways to reach your existing and potential customers, as they require very little upfront costs (unlike other campaigns).

Increased audience

If you want your online marketing campaign to reach even more people, consider sending out special offers that involve your existing customer telling a friend about you. Make the offer only valid if they send the offer on to one or two friends (via email) or tell them to bring in a friend to receive the deal (such as “a free coffee for you and a friend”).

Boosts brand visibility

By posting special offers with websites like Groupon as a part of your online marketing campaign, you are encouraging people to take a look at your website and engage with your other products or services. They may come because of the offer, but they’ll return if they enjoyed themselves.

If you haven’t considered sending out special offers as a part of your online marketing campaign, there has never been a time to start. You don’t have to send one out every day or even every week – try doing one every month or 3 months to see how it works for you.