Why Spam Is Bad For Online Marketing

Added 20.01.12

One of the most annoying and frustrating things that internet user’s battle with is opening up their email account only to find their inbox filled with spam. It is likely that this even happens to you on a weekly, if not daily, basis. But what, exactly, makes spam emails bad for online marketing?

Most spam emails are either pornography or scams – it is because of this that recipients of your unsolicited emails will automatically assume you are trying to scam them out of their hard earned dollars and will ignore your ad. Scam emails will implement an online marketing campaign that is similar to that of a legitimate company, making people even more wary.

Spam emails can also be damaging for online marketing campaigns that are utilizing the legitimate strategy of opt-in mailing lists. Due to the high levels of spam emails being sent to some addresses, spam filters often accidentally catch emails from opt-in lists, which means the information never reaches it’s intended audience. People are also hesitant to sign up to mailing lists for fear of being spammed.

If you are a company that has knowingly or unwittingly been the sender of unsolicited email as a part of an online marketing campaign, you will receive in inundation of angry emails from recipients demanding to know how you got their email addresses. These users are in the position to report you to government organizations that protect the internet from spam and even your internet service provider. This can result in fines, or even in your email account and website being deleted.

While some people think sending spam emails is a great way to get your brand name out there, it is actually a great way to deter people from employing your products or services. Instead, make us of the legitimate online marketing practice of creating opt-in mailing lists.