Why Selling Ad Space Is Bad For Online Marketing


Have you ever come across a website that is so jammed packed with advertising banners that you have difficulty finding the actual content? Websites that look like this are not likely to be successful – they look messy, they’re hard to navigate, and they take the focus away from the point of the page. If you are still thinking about selling ad space on your website to make a little bit of extra money, you may be surprised to learn that it can actually be highly damaging to your online marketing campaign.

Selling ad space says a number of negative things about your website and your company, so why would you risk your online marketing campaign on a few quick dollars? After all, you are not selling ad space on a blog you started in high school – you are selling valuable online space on your company’s private website.

Isn’t the point of an online marketing campaign to sell your products or services to potential customers? Why, then, would you allow other businesses to advertise their own products on your website? This is exactly what would happen, as the advertisements that find their way onto your page would be based on keywords, therefore the ads would be for similar products and services to yours. Ultimately, you are encouraging visitors to your page to employ one of your competitors instead.

When it comes to sculpting an effective online marketing strategy, it is important to steer clear of anything that could even possibly promote your competitor’s products and services. This includes selling ad space, even though it may seem like a good idea. If you are struggling to attract traffic to your website, consider hiring an online marketing professional to boost your advertising.