Why Pop-Ups Are Bad For Online Marketing


It has happened to every one of us at some stage of our online browsing lives – you have opened a web page and begun reading when a marketing pop-up opens right in the middle of the article you are reading. Doesn’t this annoy you or make you angry? If the answer is yes, why would you use pop-up advertisements as a part of your own online marketing campaign?

Pop-up windows are bad for a number of reasons – they can interrupt, slow down or even crash a visitor’s browser, they can lead to online brand damage, and they are completely outdated. Brand damage is the most significant of these reasons, as people will thereafter associate your business with ‘those annoying marketing pop-ups’ and take their business elsewhere online.

Visitors will either immediately click the close button on the pop up, in many cases before it has even loaded so they have no idea what you were trying to market, or they will install anti-pop-up software. These online programs are designed to prevent unwanted marketing browser windows from opening. Some service providers and websites have also banned the use of pop-ups to appease their online demographic.

This has led to an increase in online marketers using ‘unstoppable pop-ups’; that is, pop-up advertisements that cannot be deflected by software or service providers. These will actually appear as floating menus, but the intent and affect is still the same – visitors to your website will become annoyed at being forced to look at your online marketing campaign, whether they are interested or not.

While pop-up advertisements were once a successful online marketing tool (perhaps way back at their time of inception), today they are ineffective, more likely to damage your brand then get a sale. Think about clever online marketing techniques and leave the outdated ones in the past.