Why Not Having A “Close” Button Is Bad For Online Marketing


In an earlier blog, we looked at why pop-ups – the number one pet peeve for most internet users - are bad for online marketing campaigns. You didn’t think it could get any worse, did you? Well, you thought wrong. What could possibly be worse for online marketing than a pop-up, you ask?

How about a pop-up window that you are unable to close because there is no “close” button or it is extremely hard to locate? This is a feature that annoys and frustrates the vast majority of internet users, including those who work in the online marketing industry, so why would you think doing the same is going to work in your own campaign?

As soon as visitors realize that there is no “close” button, they immediately try and get their browser to go back to the previous page, or they simply close the entire browser down and start again. This is not going to get your products or services seen by anyone because their first reaction is to get rid of the pop-up at all costs.

You must also ask yourself how visitors are supposed to browse your website if, every time they open it, they are met with a pop-up that covers most of the screen and cannot be closed without clicking on it or signing up. Most often, both these options will take the visitor somewhere else anyway, not allowing them to read the part of your website they were truly interested in.

It has long been clear that pop-ups are no longer helpful for online marketing campaigns at all, but removing the “close” button can prove to be even more detrimental to your brand. Don’t show visitors to your website things that they do not want to see – use clever online marketing techniques to keep them interested and get them buying.