Why E-Newsletters Are Beneficial For Online Marketing

Added 23.03.12

If you ask someone working in marketing industry what they think the most effective form of online marketing is, the first answer that they will give will most likely be e-newsletters. There are a number of reasons for why this is, including:

• Loyalty
Sending out an e-newsletter gives your clients and customers the opportunity to quickly and easily interact with your brand. Your online marketing campaign can boost this through adding a personal touch (such as the name of the subscriber and the date).

• Better response
As e-newsletters are sent out to an audience that has asked to receive information from you, you can be sure that they actually want to be kept up to date with your brand.

• Cost effective
Contrary to popular belief, e-newsletters and online marketing is still one of the most cost effective ways to reach your clients and potential customers, as they require little upfront costs (unlike other campaigns).

• Boosts SEO
and drives traffic Whilst search engine spiders don’t index emails, if you create a HTML version of your e-newsletter that is downloadable from your website, your marketing campaign can really boost your SEO.

• Measurable
Unlike your traditional print advertising (such as newsletters), you can actually track your e-newsletters and find out who is opening your mail, who isn’t, and which email addresses are no longer active. This data can really help an online marketer to improve their targeted advertising.

If you haven’t been sending out e-newsletters as a part of your online marketing campaign, it really is never too late to start. Perhaps send one out quarterly or monthly, just letting your subscribers know what’s going on with your brand, if you have any special offers coming up, and so on. You will be amazed at the results.