What Are SEO Toolbars?


For those who are new to search engine optimization (or SEO) strategies that help to garner better search engine results for your website, some companies have created toolbars that are either free or can be installed on your computer for a fee. But what are these toolbars and how can they help you with the implementation of your optimization strategy?

Basically, SEO Toolbars are highly helpful in the research stage of your company’s strategy. They allow you to look at lots of useful information about your competitor’s websites, as well as giving you access to tools and resources that you otherwise may not have known about. Unfortunately, they do take up a lot of space and slow down your web browser – because of this, it is recommended that you only install one toolbar per computer.

SEObook, SEOmoz and SEOquake are three of the most popular toolbars currently available. Each has its own special features and is better suited to some applications over others; all you have to do is figure out your needs and employ the relevant toolbar.

  • SEObook can give you detailed information about a website’s page rank, the total incoming links in Google, the amount of people who Twitter about the site, and so on.
  • SEOmoz allows you to review the specifics of a website, such as page authority, domain authority and link data, without leaving any page of a given website.
  • SEOquake helps you to gather information about a website using a wide range of personalized parameters, including page rank and Google index.

While an SEO Toolbar cannot do the work and research for you, they can make this process a whole lot easier. Regardless of whether you are completing SEO for your own website or whether you work in a company that is paid to do this, an SEO Toolbar could be just the tool you have been after.