Web Development Tips That Promotes Speed And Quality

Added 27.04.12

Unfortunately, designers tend to focus on the look of the website and don’t give much thought on whether what they are creating is going to be simple enough for a web development team to code. This can occasionally lead to coding that slows down websites. Use these tips to help you ensure that you are keeping speed and quality in the forefront of your mind:

Slice Effectively
Make use of the slice tools in Photoshop and Fireworks wherever possible – you won’t be able to use them throughout the entire web development process, but they will be of use in some aspects.

Simplify the CSS
As many web developers will know, using CSS becomes easier to more you use it, but look out for places where too many custom classes or complicated tactics are being used when there is an easier alternative.

Client-Side or Server-Side Scripting?
You need to know the right time to use client-side scripting (the scripting language runs on the user’s browser) and the right time to use server-side (the language runs on the server). There should be a balance of both.

Remember to validate your CSS and XHTML during the web development process, as this can make the various browsers render similarly, make pages load faster and actually runs a check for any broken code.

It can be easy for many in the web development industry to get caught up with their coding, especially with the added difficulties caused by designers, which leads to slow and low quality websites. By using the above tips, you can help to ensure that your code is primed for being fast loading and of the highest quality possible.