Web design mistakes: Too much attention to the homepage

14 Sep 2009, Category: Web Design & Develop by Suby

It's common for companies and designers alike to focus on the home page when creating a website design. The assumption is that this is the first page that the majority of users will see, which might be true for some websites. However with the increasing presence of Google and other search engines, it's also likely for someone to get dropped into a website on one of the "inside" pages.

If you think about someone typing terms into a search engine, the phrase they use could direct them to the home page or to another page on the website. If attention hasn't been paid to the layout and design of this page, what kind of impression is the passing visitor going to get?

With this in mind then, it makes sense to spend an equal amount of time on the design of the other pages on your website. Certain designers might even suggest beginning with one of those pages as a template and letting that inform the layout of your home page, rather than the other way round.

This will depend on the kind of content on your website of course, but this approach could suit your web design very well if the majority of your vital information is found on the sub pages of your website. Talk through the options with your designer. There is no single definite way to create a website, every project is different, so feel free to discuss the best way to tackle your web design.

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