Using online marketing to get your visitors to 'tell a friend' about you

Added 13.02.13

Ask anyone who works in online marketing – trying to get traffic to your website often proves to be a time consuming and expensive task. This is why marketing practitioners are often fans of the 'tell a friend' scheme, which involves encouraging (and making it easy) for visitors to tell people they know about your website or a service that you offer.

improve quality traffic

You will receive a number of benefits from utilising 'tell a friend' marketing strategies, including:

  • Your visitors do the advertising for you, which results in free and completely effortless promotion.
  • The quality of your traffic will improve, as visitors will be sending truly interested people your way.
  • There is no threat of being labeled a spammer, as you won't be sending out unsolicited mail or using pop ups.

So, how can you use your online marketing campaign to get visitors to tell other people about you? Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as simply asking visitors to recommend you.

  • Hosting a tell-a-friend form on your website that visitors can fill out with email addresses of people they know.
  • Adding a tell-a-friend link to all emails and newsletters, which directs recipients to the form outlined above.

Providing that all of your calls to action feature in prominent places on your website, it is likely that you will soon begin to see improvements in the levels of traffic your website is receiving. You can even use the above strategies in conjunction with other online marketing techniques, such as hosting a competition or offering incentives for friends recommended.