Twitter have added a photo editing feature


These days, there aren't many people who don't have a Twitter account and actively use it to keep up with what's happening around the world. In a reflection of this, the team behind the popular social networking website released a new photo editing feature on Monday. iPhone and Android users with the latest version of Twitter will be able to edit their photos before tweeting.

Some of the great new tools provided by Twitter’s image editing feature include:

  • Filters – There are 8 different filters (including black & white and vintage) that can be applied to images.
  • Birds-Eye View – Users can see how each filter will affect their photo using a single grid or swipe through view.
  • Frame – This tool allows users to crop and zoom (pinch the screen) to focus the attention on certain areas.
  • Auto-Enhance – The wand tool allows users to make their photos ‘pop’ by using balanced light and colours.

When the ability to attach a photograph to your tweet was released in June 2011, we saw a huge increase in the number of people using Twitter to communicate with the world and keeping on top of what’s happening. It is believed that with the introduction of this great new feature that the way we use photos and Twitter will change again.

If you have the latest version of Twitter installed on your iPhone or Android phone, the next time you go to post a tweet don’t forget to check out the new photo editing feature. Just click on the camera icon at the bottom left hand side of your screen and you will be taken directly to the feature; upload a photo and have a play around.