Top trends for eCommerce in 2017

Added 22.06.17

Now that 2017 is well and truly underway (we’re almost halfway through the year already – can you believe it!?), we thought it was time to take a look at some the ecommerce trends that we’re starting to see crop up more and more often. If you’re wondering what direction to take your eCommerce website in this year, you’ve come to the right place!

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Digital Payment Types

Thanks to Apple Pay, Amazon Pay and PayPal, customers no longer have to take out their credit cards to complete an online transaction – these days, orders can be placed using a fingerprint or pin number. In 2016, more and more customers started to adopt digital payments and this is a trend that we have seen continue in 2017.

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eCommerce Personalisation

This has been trending at the enterprise level for a while now, but this year we have seen it become more accessible for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to Netflix and Amazon, customers have been exposed to personalised experiences and they have started to expect the same type of personalisation from other online retailers.

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Loyalty Schemes

We have seen the importance of customer loyalty and experience rise to the forefront. With so many choices when it comes to online shopping, it’s no surprise that almost half of customers say they would happily switch brands for a coupon. To compete, you need to capture information about your customers and use it to offer personalised promotions and rewards.

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Mobile is King

This year, it’s expected that mobile sales will grow by at least 25%, with billions of dollars worth of sales being made. This growth will be driven by the introduction of even larger screens, smoother buying experiences and better mobile search. Customers don’t just expect a website to work on mobile, so businesses need to start thinking mobile-first.

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More Omni-Channel

The issue facing many businesses today is channel fragmentation, as there are simply so many channels available. If the gaps between channels are allowed to widen, your brand image can be diluted. This year, we’ve found that businesses are starting to unify their channels using features like multichannel wish lists and real-time stock information.

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The Rise of Fast Delivery

Over the past few years, expected delivery timeframes have reduced significantly. Customers now expect to be able to Click and Collect, for example, even when dealing with purely online businesses. In 2017, more businesses have started to offer next day or even same day delivery, and we think that this number will only grow.

When was the last time your ecommerce website received a facelift? If it was more than a year ago (or you can’t even remember) it’s time that you start thinking about a refresh. Which of these trends can you incorporate into your site to make it more user friendly or encourage consumers to make a purchase? At Zeemo, we can help you to create a truly unique ecommerce experience.