The Most Interesting Web Design Trends in Clayton


Web design is such an exciting field of development because, being a relatively new area of design, there are always new discoveries to be made and frontiers to be broken. Staying abreast with the latest online trends is one of the best ways to begin creating a truly inspiring web design of your own. Let's take a look at the most interesting techniques currently being used in websites.

Parallax Effects
Parallax, a visual trick, is often observed in the real world when viewing objects, such as coral or fish, through a volume of water. In web design, a parallax effect is achieved by using layers to create a sense of depth.

Large Scale Photographic Backgrounds
The uses of high resolution photographic backgrounds that dominate the page are quickly gaining popularity amongst Clayton based web designers. Photographic backgrounds demand the attention of the visitor, making the most of the 10 second appraisal viewers make.

Creative Domain Names
The .com age of web design may soon be over, simply because the possibilities for finding a suitable domain name ending in .com, that has not already been taken, have greatly diminished. Many web designers in Clayton are choosing instead to use more creative and personalised domains like .me or .us.

Design for Thumbnails
You may have noticed that Google searches now support thumbnail browsing, where you can simply hover over a search result to view a compressed glimpse of the website. New web designs are therefore being optimised for thumbnail viewing with the aim of attracting the user before they have even entered the site!