The art of Guerrilla Marketing

Added 27.07.16
The art of Marketing
Oops, wrong Gorilla!
The Art of Grabbing Attention
a.k.a Guerrilla Marketing

Clever, low cost marketing ideas for small business

Advertising follows our every move – it’s on the radio at work, waiting for you at the bus stop, packaging your lunch and even creeping into your bedroom (mobiles, pft!). So, it’s no wonder consumers have grown immune to big budget advertising.

Good news is that spending little on BIG, creative ideas can be just as effective.

Use Guerrilla marketing to:

  • Surprise your audience, when they least expect it
  • Evoke curiosity
  • Make a lasting impression
  • Engage with your audience
  • Deliver maximum impact, on a small budget

Guerrilla Marketing is unconventional and unpredictable. It should make your target audience sit up and take notice. Think "shock & awe" factor.

Q: How do you know you’ve nailed your Guerrilla marketing efforts?

A: When the public can’t tell what is advertising and what is not!

Let's start!

put on your creative hat and get to be inspired by the work of agencies around the world. try something out-of-the-box for your business...

Outdoorsy Ideas


Quirky Bus Shelters

There are so many possibilities, brainstorm with your team and check out Bored Panda and Pinterest for more inspiration. These are some of our favourites...

quirky bus shelters

Stencil fun

Have fun temporarily taking over the footpath in high traffic areas with this novel idea. Chalk will last around about a week and water pressure stencils will wear away slowly over time (1 - 2 months) and are not weather dependent.

stencil fun

Dress Up Your Premises


Painted Murals

Turn blank spaces outside your business premises into a billboard. Painted murals are making a come back. You could hire the talents of a graffiti artist to paint a branded mural on the side of your building.

painted murals

Edgy Window Displays

If you don’t have outside wall space use your window display as your billboard. The more creative you are the more heads you could turn into passing trade. Try searching for Shop Front, Pop Up and Instore Display Inspiration on Pinterest, you’ll be blown away!

edgy window displays

For the foodies


for the foodies

This must be one of the cheapest ideas around! How about buying (or you could even DIY) branded coffee froth stencils? Next time you exhibit at a trade-show, hire a barista and style that chocolatey froth! Oh, and think about the coffee cup branding too.

Pop On Over

Hand out popcorn in branded cups with funny messages. The crowd is sure to follow the popcorn wafts right to your stand!

Pop on Over

Packaging Your Brand


Clever Business Cards

It would have to be one of the simplest things you could do to differentiate your brand, yet offers a lasting impression. These should get your creative juices flowing...

clever business cards

Branding all wrapped up

Break away from the norm, generic packaging, and give your product some wow factor! Not only will it resonate with your audience but also encourage them to share their unique find with their friends.

Get a load of these beauties...

branding all wrapped up

Crave more?

Ok, here’s some more random Guerrilla inspiration...


Marketing Ideas

WARNING: Make sure you check the relevant advertising regulations for any public spaces you are planning to unleash your guerrilla marketing activities on.